Eric’s Bullet Speedrun (1600-1800)

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  1. ive been following these speedruns….amazing level Thanks Erick

  2. To watch the full streams check out the Chessbrah VODs channel. I love that channel

  3. definitely my new favorite series from the chessbrahs

  4. I am so bad at chess I woulda literally fallen for all his tricks

  5. At this level you can really tell the difference between actual chess players and those who just play quickly. Nice games big chief

  6. CHECK! Not enough GMs are calling their checks these days. Check! Check! Love it.

  7. I can't 100% make Eric out, but he's got a nice vibe. Would buy him a pint!

  8. Some of these checkmates are just so nasty! The one at 11:30 is especially demoralizing.


  9. Oh how I wish I could see the black pieces on dark squares.

  10. I really love this speed run. It is equal parts entertaining, informative and completely demoralizing..
    Seeing Eric toying with them all before the inevitable is a sight to behold.
    No surrender, no mercy. Next victim! Get him out of here. lol..

  11. I looked up that gambit line at 20:45. Very rare. Lichess first calls it the Bronstein gambit but then switches to "Gibbins-Wiedenhagen gambit accepted" after knight takes. That gambit is no joke. It's sound. If black plays it perfectly it's like -0.5 to -1, depending on move order, and the advantage tends to shrink as the game proceeds to middle game.

  12. Been two months im a 1600 and this guy just smurfed on their asses while being almost up 30 seconds most of games ☠☠☠☠

  13. I could watch this video over and over and continue to learn stuff. So quick at finding good moves. Loved that two bishop mate. Good stuff.

  14. Watching Eric crush people really puts gm strength into perspective

  15. This was just a SERIES of brutal checkmates

  16. 35:30 Ne7 was a blunder from Eric, but didn't get punished 🙂 bullet chess can let you get away with stuff like that

  17. You only gave a 29 second time advantage -_-

  18. Watching Eric is equivalent to NBA bench players, they will be totally be destroyed by starters or superstars however they are like gods when they play average people
    Eric can be destroyed by magnus hikaru and other super gm
    But look at what he is doing to average people it's insane

  19. This is my favorite chess youtuber. Thank you for the wonderful content

  20. 9:12 So not only is Eric one of the best chess players in the world, he is also able to recognize the flag of North Macedonia off the top of his head. I’m pretty good with both chess and flags but he outclasses me in both aspects.

  21. 11:17
    The bishops checkmate , you should make it a short or reel , loved it 😀
    Edit : And now 13:03 even more fun 🙈

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