Eric’s Bullet Speedrun (1400-1600)

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  1. Damn I wish I was at your level so I could punish all these wanna-bees. GG

  2. Hey Eric i really enjoy this content. And got to say, when u are sober (or maybe little high, but not stoned) i can learn a lot from u. 👍 When ur drunk or stoned it's different story. 😂
    Tnx mate

  3. He played me in this one around 12:30 'kturner', he could've at least went easy on me lol

  4. im liking the effort you guys are putting into your youtube videos👍

  5. It's relaxing when it's you playing. Very good chess as always.

  6. 11:29 horror rave music playing as you completely slaughter him in that game hahahah damn nice

  7. 19:34 Every 1400 on here finally knowing theory better than Eric. See this junk all the time down there.

  8. watching erik play is fascinating and incredibly satisfying

  9. 19:30 These games are the most satisfying to watch. Dismantling these annoying guys that just go crazy with no respect for the opening principles, and then flag you at the end after you've spent your time defusing the situation.

  10. buddy is out here just casually eviscerating opponents

  11. It would be fun if these speedruns were actual speedruns, and there was a timer on the right and the speed run was made in one run.

  12. 2:30 I believe bishop h6 was a good move there after pawn takes queen to g6 then king to h8 then rook h6, but he probably won't take and just opt for queen c7

  13. This guy is really good for a 1400 keep an eye out for this guy he’s got some potential!

  14. What i learned here was that 1400s are the dunning krugers in chess

  15. Now I understand why this guy finished in the last place in the Oslo Esport chess event recently, he practices with these trash 1400s lol!!! He surely deserved the last place

  16. here is a Croatian gift 💁🏻‍♂️😁😜…exactly what is a Croatian gift? its simply better than a unless the greek gift is given with kindness of course.

  17. at 6:37 he missed bishop g5 winning the rook or queen if hes dumb

  18. @25:09 He's so good that he gives a lecture during his 1-minute game

  19. Your speed run series was the most popular one on this channel.

  20. 12:20 I started to lol at how amazing that check sequence was. I would have never seen that

  21. love the fact that you listen to techno!🖤

  22. Ooh Eric, you're my man. Such enjoyable chess. You're a good man, I love you and what your channel offers. All the best my friend.

  23. Can someone who is good at chess explain why « king up » at 1:04? I was thought that we should always finish developing our pieces first (move the bishop and connect the rooks)

  24. This is comedy. I'm laughing watching Eric dissect these specimens. Excellent chess, but his candor is the special sauce.

  25. "we want them to play f6 because ben fine gold said its bad"

    plays f6

    "thats a good move… thats resistance"

  26. “I think black played pretty well they just didn’t have pieces”. Priceless.

  27. U need to do a speed run against hikaru at the same times

  28. I love this videos, so satisfying to watch how easy it looks like to win against 1400s with principles like "thanks for a free pawn", while I play 1100 and struggle so much 😀 great inspiration and entertainment!

  29. Brah stop doing speedruns, these are above my rating range too quick everytime. Learn something for once and do slowruns. Limiting my fun to just a few short hours smh. Don't support these guys.

  30. Really love watching you play .. looks sooo effortless 😉

  31. GODLY checkmate at 26:38. Doesn't even mention it… Just take my money!

  32. Is it just me or does watching bullet games feel wayy slower than actually playing?

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