Dodging Bullets vs. Danya Naroditsky

Hikaru vs Danya, 1 0, OG Style


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  1. The fact that magnud adopted danya in bullet…

  2. Both your and Danya's ability to play bullet chess is always epic to see!

  3. It's nice to know that an SGM like Hikaru can brainfart, too. LOL.

  4. "Im too slow" he says while premoving and predicting every move in under a second

  5. Petition for hikaru to play magnus' disrespect gambit

  6. hikaru has never been outplayed..he's always got an excuse. it's so interesting to see what he comes up with

  7. This was a fun one. Danya is a beast at bullet! And he was probably playing like 5 beers deep too lol.

  8. I think the thumbnail would have been better with Neo vs Agent Smith from The Matrix of dodging bullets scene

  9. Hikaru has the power up: You can play blindfold but you will see the board wrong once every ten million games.

  10. Does this make Danya Bode Akuna?

    Happens to the best of us.

  11. Great video, GM Hikaru! Your bullet chess games against Danya Naroditsky was incredibly intense and exciting to watch. Your skills and determination are truly inspiring, and it's clear that you put in a lot of hard work and dedication to get to where you are today.

    Watching you play reminds us all that with enough practice and perseverance, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. Whether it's in chess or in any other pursuit, success is within reach as long as we're willing to put in the effort.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing game with us, and for being such a great role model for aspiring chess players and anyone else looking to achieve their goals. Keep up the great work, and keep inspiring us all to reach for the stars!

  12. hikarus reactions were so calm and sad like “oh I made a blunder” last time I played a match I’m not even kidding my mom flipped the entire chess board

  13. 1:31 WOW. After black does Rxd3, white will do Rc7 and if Qxc7, Qf6 is just mate. If black does Qd8 to prevent Qf6, white does Rxf7 and black has to sacrifice Queen by Qe7 to prevent checkmate. Therefore, after Rc7, black loses queen. Hikaru calculated that just in a second, while it took me 5 minutes to figure out why. He is AMAZING.

  14. hikaru you should do a time odds speed run in blitz i m not sure if you have done it before but i think it would be a decent idea

  15. At 1:30 if Hikaru took the rook there was Rook c7 Queen d8 Rook d7 either winning a Queen or Queen f6 followed by mate. Wow!

  16. The only reason he was talking live was because he was seeing the board WRONG and as I talk right now I can SEE the board bouncing back off the live stream!

  17. Last time you played him in bullet you won 10-1 and now it was 2-2. Not a great performance against a mediocre player like Danya

  18. 1:32 “Oh I just saw the board wrong there, what the heck. Oh I just saw the board wrong, what the heck was that. Yeah I just saw the board completely wrong there, what the heck was that. Yeah, no I just completely saw the board wrong.”

    This may have been a subtle hint to the audience from Naka that he saw the board wrong.

  19. If im danya whats the point of playing , he stays and gets whooped but when you are having a bad day you only play a couple of danya is in a lose lose situation

  20. whats the song under the video? can someone tell me please?

  21. yeah 250 accuracy on my blitz games, yeaaah

  22. Last time you played him in bullet you won 10-1 and now it was 2-2. Not a great performance against a mediocre player like Danya

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