Day 19 of playing a game of of bullet chess until I’m 1000 rated #bulletchess #chess #chesscom


  1. Ah yes the thirty different taps to find out where the king can go during check

  2. You could have taken the queen with the knight but you moved your king

  3. Hey dude, if you want to improve at all game modes of chess just play rapid and the occasional blitz. When you focus on speed instead of the quality of your moves, you will never get past 1200 in bullet. The reason why Magnus and Hikaru are so good at bullet is because they have been playing the game for so long and already know so much about what’s going to happen, giving them the proper intuition for every move. Overall, just focus of playing more rapid than faster game modes because you can focus on the quality of your moves

  4. After you moved your pawn to c5 I would’ve recommended bg2 winning the rook. Also you could’ve taken the queen with your knight

  5. Oh great heavens he literally hung his queen 💀

  6. bro why didn’t u take the queen💀

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