Chesscube #65: Bullet Chess: Morning Bullet Zone at Chesscube (

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  1. that's what I say after sex nowadays.


    hope you enjoyed it, comments or questions on youtube

    hope you enjoyed it, comments or questions on youtube."

    I love your style.

  3. KC, If I was the guy you beat at 18:00 mins in I would be crying now, some people are just not good at bullet, no need to laugh at them – I wouldn't laugh if I destroyed you at another game/sport!

  4. I wasn't surprised when the French guy resigned

  5. @dtuyfguyf Not really – he hardly used any thinking time. I don't think he thought anything of it at all.

  6. I'M HORRIBLE AT BULLET so i just watch you play ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. How do you get this good? I wish I was better at chess.

  8. Hey KC, do you spend your cubits/crowns on anything? I keep thinking I should buy some of those opening lessons, but I'm not sure which one…

  9. @dtuyfguyf You got a point, especially if some bunny is taking the rare chance to play his idol.

  10. @kingscrusher Common opinion seems to agree with you, so I will concede to you sir

  11. @HWeingard It was just a figure of speech, although imo if you don't have anything (be it a relationship, a passion or just an interest) in life you care enough about to cry over then its pretty hollow tbh…

  12. 1:19 "And he's obviously not a bishop up anymore…"

  13. 5:44 "Where is this knight going?" …captures… "Nowhere."

  14. @dtuyfguyf I'm pretty shocking at bullet and when i have a really bad game were I make silly blunders, I can easily see the funny side. Bullet is just for fun, you can't take it seriously.

  15. @kingscrusher while you were saying "this is not how to play bullet chess" you missed an obvious mate in one! On the other hand, I think that a good way to play bullet is by not taking it too seriously and rely on positional instinct rather than brute tactical calculation… These are very entertaining KC but to be honest, I miss the old daily 5min ICC autopairing games!
    Anyways, thx and keep uploading! Cheers

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