Chessbrah Botez Gambits vs Hikaru in the Bullet Chess Champs Qualifiers

Hikaru plays in the Qualifiers for the 2021 Bullet Chess Championship. The main event will run from April 5-April 7. This is Qualifier 3. Enjoy!! Chessbrah suffered a massive move order malfunction and hung his Queen. May she rest in peace.

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  1. wanna ask why Hikaru always double click his piece at the end of every move?

  2. This was the laughter of pure disrespect 😂🤣

  3. I really enjoy your videos. Thank you for all you do for the chess community

  4. Hikaru it’s Lack”a”daisical not lack”sah”daisical

  5. Why is Alireza and Danya not palying?

  6. valterri bottas gambit? 😂 i didnt know top f1 drivers play chess

  7. 90 minutes of listening to hikaru complain about how badly he is playing.

  8. This whole video is Hikaru saying, "Why did I do this??"

  9. Has anyone noticed hikaru looks like the cop from ant man

  10. Hikaru "not a good game but we get the win" Nakamura

  11. And the most solid win was of course with the bongcloud!

  12. Guys what opening is Hilary playing with white ?

  13. i unironically like the idea of instant chess

  14. The 2100 guy who demolishes you in bullet, remember him? The 2400 who destroys him, who is turn destroyed by a FM rated 2750, who is then destroyed by an GM rated 2900, who then gets destroyed by GM 3100… Naka eats that 3100 GM for breakfast in bullet.

    That's how f*cking good Naka is in bullet!

  15. I want to see Eric's pov with that blundered queen

  16. Let's get Hikaru in Love or host.

  17. 49:25 oh no, Hikaru watched Eric blunder his queen TWICE 😵😂 feelsbadman

  18. I remember checking in on Eric after the blunder when he was live and he was legit tilted for the next hour.

  19. I could hear Eric just tossing a chair somewhere

  20. I dont like see hikaru play bullet, that cause he not happy, so im like like 3 minute 5 10

  21. The speedrun subcategory was max blundering pawns.

  22. Hikaru before the match: I didn't play with Eric.

    Hiraku after the match: i didn't play with Eric.

  23. Had to watch that Botez gambit 3 times to get what happened. Brutal.

  24. Guys trust me. He literally doesn't even care. So much that he's trying to bring down other channels.

    He literally doesn't even care.

    Haha hypocrite coward

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