Chess Speed Run 44 – The Dangers of Bullet Chess!

Simon continues his now-famous speedrun series, tackling more tricky games on Inspired by Hikaru, Eric Hansen (Chessbrah) and Daniel Naroditsky. Online chess speedrunning blitz chess on, video lectures, how to get better at chess and win with checkmate, attack tips and tricks!

In this video, we look at some typical mistakes that players make around the 2000+ level on
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Grandmaster Simon Williams is on, improving and learning chess openings with a world record masterclass blitz speed chess speed run!


  1. Can you do a video on the classical dutch vs the London

  2. Nice video. I love your commentary. Helps me have more of a purpose in my games, trying to understand your thought process

  3. We should send Simon a bullet proof vest!

  4. No matter how much calculation I've practiced I haven't really seen much evidence of it increasing my overall playing speed, which is really the deciding factor in most online play. I wonder if it's just an uphill climb trying to improve my speed of calculation when it's measured against my own neurochemistry and the decline that comes with age.

  5. Your commentary with Jovanka send me here.
    It was great!

  6. What is going on, this used to be cheater speedrun…

  7. Thais was me 😅 i missed qa5 instead of qb6 and after you played h5 I should've taken the pawn with my knight and if you sacrifice the exchange i recapture with my queen i played pretty quickly cause i was in a hurry but otherwise well played 🫡

  8. After Ng4 Bc3 Nh6, I understand that keeping that monster DSB on that gorgeous long diagonal is satisfying but it looks like just Bd2 was winning at least a pawn while keeping the attack ^^

  9. After black went Nh6 wasn't the knight trapped after Bd2?

  10. You have to admit that shallow calculation against your 1845 opponent was much more fun that try-hard mode!

  11. Damn it man! My dog just did a great big dogshit in the yard

  12. Would like to see some more analysis post-game

  13. This kind of video is why I will always be a ginger GM fan. The guy plays like me (only a whole Lot better) and makes mistakes like me. Somehow he still manages to win these games. Truly the everyman’s GM

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