Chess Rivals: IM Danny Rensch vs IM John Bartholomew Live Bullet Chess Game 3

Two of the biggest online chess celebrities in the world clash in a new rivalry series: IM Danny Rensch vs IM John Bartholomew.

Check out this classic battle with live commentary by IM Daniel Rensch.

Watch John’s point-of-view here —

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  1. You started the match against John 102 above…or is that your fever temp. when playing him? LOLOL

  2. 13:26 instead of F4, playing Knight b5 and if C pawn takes, its winning, no?

  3. This isn't bullet? 3+0 is blitz right?

  4. 22:10
    Is Qxf2 a try? White would have two minor pieces for a rook, and the resulting endgame looks somewhat unclear. If I had to guess I'd say that black's kingside pawns would be a significant advantage moving forward, but given the time situation perhaps John could have made things more interesting.

  5. Nice games Danny! Could have won this time but anyhow that was close. Thanks for uploading.

  6. I know your frustrated man, but try to talk out your moves more. Sitting and watching in complete silence is not really entertaining. Drink some coffee or something, haha.

  7. I think both Danny and John makes very entertaining! along with Thomas Rendle, Squareology and Nakamura on occasions. Great guys!

  8. Nice to see your brave comeback, Mr. Rensch. It lead us to believe that the giant chess business in Saint Louis was psychologically speaking beneficial. Kind regards to all the team and keep up the good work. The battle continues to our enjoyment and the best of the luck in the games to come. Marcos Pedrosa de Souza (aka Godart as a member)

  9. Game 3 queen sack was nice! You're getting closer. You'll get John next match!

  10. Do you plan on having chess Rivals against other IM other than Fins? Like the guy from Hack Attack?

  11. awesome attack in game 4 danny–love that attacking chess

  12. IM Fins, the best thing for chess since the computers beat Kasparov

  13. Tough luck this time Danny, but your time is coming, I can feel it…

  14. Literal lol at Positionally Worse and Aware of It!

  15. @40:35 " CLAP, CLAPPERY, CLAP. CLAP, CLAP!!!" You Da Man Danny

  16. Don't be sad Danny, we're all rooting for you! Do it for the kids, the troops and most importantly, the funsies.

  17. what i like about danny, is that he can isntantly convert a statement that includes an '' I think'' to one that includes ''definitely'' , which pretty much means that he is confident about his solution-finding approaches

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