Cardio bullet chess. MVL vs Danny Rensch Giant Chess


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  1. Close your eyes and it doesn't sound like chess.

  2. Chess players trying their best to resemble "athletes".

  3. This game is decades years old , but it always find a ways to surprise all of us lol

  4. Dislike cuz the yellow guy was outplaying him and the other guy was cheating, hitting the timer before he even moved his piece.

  5. It'd be so easy to accidentally kick down a peice and move it a more "desirable" square.

  6. imagine when he accidentally knocked down his queen it was his king and it counted as a resign.

  7. i love this so much, time feels so much more important now

  8. Another idea, you can add time to you clock by riding an exercise bike at a certain pace

  9. Didn't black miss mate in 1 lategame with queen to g4?

  10. If y’all have seen that vid of Dubov… he woulda crushed danny

  11. In response to whoever says chess isn't a sport.

  12. just hand them a timer switch, so they dont have to run back to the timer

  13. Now this just makes it a mainstream flesh sport.

  14. If they wanted a real simulation the loser should have taken a bullet

  15. The way they throw captured pieces lol I can't

  16. This is right before Daniel decided to to invent internet chess

  17. Amazing video. I like Danny and whatever the fuck he's saying here

  18. If only chess was like this, Hikaru wouldn't have been such a fat f***

  19. see this is how you know MVL is the pro because he wore a sports jersey so you cant see how sweaty he got. Danny meanwhile…

  20. Jokes aside danny played some rly good moves there

  21. The fact they are cursing and taking this serious is hilarious.

  22. I would love to play some chess in this variant

  23. They really need to make the clock rules tighter, one player should not be able to touch pieces before the other hit the timer. Yellow shirt guy had way less time than the other one xD

    other than that it's freaking awesome

  24. Chess players really need to get out more

  25. Someone :Tf your muscle is so big, what do you do for a living?

    Me : playin chess

    Chess :

  26. Maxime with football jersey is my religionπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™‡πŸ™‡

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