Can Hikaru Take Back #1 Bullet?

Hikaru plays vs GM Bortnyk a bullet match on January 9, 2023 to see who can be #1 in Bullet on

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  1. benim yarim inci takar gerdana gerdana oy gerdana gerdana oy gerdana gerdana

  2. My gf said 1 min isn't enough so I checkmated her in 1 min bullet to convince her it is more than enough.

  3. he always premoved 2. Bb2 or 2..Bg7, so he is proned to the bh6 and ba3 attack!

  4. Whoever makes the thumbnails for Hikki's videos needs a raise lol

  5. Yep a classic Sicilian opening (I consider myself a grand master)

  6. i thought the title meant if he could live if he got shot once, when i first read it

  7. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip says:

    I wonder if Hikaru could defeat Stockfish, it would be a legendary fight

  8. В пустом пространстве вдоль одной прямой на расстоянии a друг от друга расположены три материальные точки. Массы крайних точек равны M и намного превышают

    массу средней точки. Центральную точку смещают на расстояние, много менышее a,

    в направлении, перпендикулярном линии, соединяющей крайние точки, после чего она

    начинает колебаться. Найдите период этих колебаний. Как изменится ответ, если частицу сместить на расстояние, много меньшее a вдоль прямой на которой располагаются

    массивные частицы M ?

  9. Hikaru to the #1 spot: ok I think I'm gonna take, then take then take

  10. Here here here here here here there there there there yeah yeah, and win

  11. Can we make this comment famous for no reason? then ill edit it and so begins the master plan

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  13. My gf said 1 min isn't enough so I checkmated her in 1 min bullet to convince her it is more than enough.

  14. didn’t he say in the disrespect stream that he wasnt gonna touch his bullet account?

  15. No, he can't, cause he didn't shoot it, he shot himself instead

  16. Am I only one who wanna see sometime Hikaru top 1 everywhere?

  17. Didn’t a while back hikaru do a bullet speed run because he was ‘quitting bullet’ 🤣😊

  18. his speed is so fast it gives me anxiety watching, he's that good

  19. Hikaru Thumbnails are better than any YouTuber's

  20. Pro tip: watch at 0.25x speed to actually follow what's happening

  21. I dont even understand the moves that he plays

  22. The Waffle House has found its new host

  23. I wanna see Hikaru trying an aim-trainer that has 64 squares as possible target, and see how fast he is to click the indicated squares. I feel like he would be very fast at that.

  24. Anyone else weirded out by the fact that after a draw Hikaru GAINS elo? lmao

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