Can Hikaru Take Back #1 Bullet?

Hikaru plays vs GM Bortnyk a bullet match on January 9, 2023 to see who can be #1 in Bullet on

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  1. I’d watch Naka play bullet on ICC back in the day. Hawkeye (Roland Schmaltz) was the king of bullet before Naka arrived. Naka would type in the chat to us as he played bullet and beat them all. He could give almost everyone a 10-15 second handicap and still win. It was amazing to watch. Bortnyk would be lucky to win 1 out of 10 against Naka Prime.

  2. Naka+bullet content= say less/about time

  3. Hikaru definitely gets the #1 in being a crybaby bitch.

  4. I remember Hikaru had the most insane peak rating on bullet, i don't remember what it was though. It was stupid high.

  5. Man i love hikaru one of the most humble people i have seen

  6. "I still can play at least somewhat decently."

    Hikaru, you fucker. I got my puzzle rating up to 1200 today and was friggin stoked. You're a legend my dude!

  7. Why does Nihal doesn't play these kindaf matches with Hikaru? 🤔

    Is he afraid hez gonna lose his rating?

  8. I like how both of them saw it was a draw and at the same time repeated moves. 4:50

  9. Watching Hikaru play bullet is always a pleasure

  10. The Waffle House has found it’s new host

  11. I am the best at bullet, no one gets checkmated as fast as me

  12. Bhagavan Ελλιστέα, I MURDER FASCISTS says:

    Peace 2 Hikaru and
    Greetings from Anonymous.
    Snoopy's Pop Quiz : Why didn't anyone mention that Emory Tate was in the NSA?
    Shortly before Andrew Tate popped up on our radar and VERY shortly before he got arrested for trafficking Hijab Hoes it was discovered he's a paid propagandist for a right-wing think tank in America.
    Guess that might blow his cover wouldn't it now? 🤔

    I have direct evidence that Emory Tate was a misogynistic POS too HMU for an exclusive story and I'll spill that as well as the UNSOUND SACRIFICE he made against me in 2003 which I should have brutally punished but I let him off with a draw ( back when I was an actual chess player ).

  13. wow, at the age of 48 hikaru is still capable of doing such feats

  14. Please lower the outro volume. It is too loud compared to hikarus voice it throws me off everytime.

  15. Hikaru: "My technique is abyssmal today."

    Me, sipping tea and watching chess pieces flying around the board with the same level of comprehension as a golden retriever: "agreed, bad technique."

  16. The Waffle house has found its new host.

  17. Yesterday I told a guy in the street if he likes to play bullet Chess…
    Now I'm at a hospital with a bullet in my arm

  18. nothing more cringe than family friendly language censorship.

  19. 2:29 i see the knight move suggestion are you cheating hikaru?

  20. The Waffle House Has Found Its New Host

  21. It's amazing how they play complete book theory openings of 10+ moves within 3 seconds

  22. Me: blinks at the start of the game
    The game: both sides castled and both queens traded

  23. The waffle house has found its new host

  24. @ICE DRAGON what girlfriend are you talking about

  25. If hikaru understand means "To calms down in every situation in chess …..then one day he will be the unbreakable chess player…….and he will be the strongest chess player in the world….

  26. I really hope one day hikaru will be a world champion

  27. Penguingm1 watching hikaru who trying to be top1 in corupted site

  28. The waffle house has found it's new host.

  29. More bullet please love 🤩🤩 bullet game I'm just 900 rating your fucking awesome 👍

  30. Bad upload
    … Unable to get a single move..this GM is a freak

  31. Hikaru dont know his powers everybody knows hikaru is a bullet monstor I mean hypothetically if he uploads daily 1v1 bullets match with other bullet mortals his channel can easily surpass levy and other chess channel in a month

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