Bullet chess

Bullet chess – ( bullet z ang. “pocisk” ) to odmiana szachów błyskawicznych,
w których każdy z graczy ma od 1 do 3 minut na partię.
W szachach tych najistotniejszym elementem jest bardzo szybkie wykonywanie dozwolonych posunięć oraz gra “z pamięci”.

Na filmie rozegrane zostały 2 towarzyskie partie pomiędzy
arcymistrzami: B. Soćko (po lewej) i M. Bartelem.


  1. That's why bullet games must be played on internet. I played it with my brother tho, and no pieces were knocked off, especially considering I have big pieces. Maybe it's just they are clumsy.

  2. Chess without timer:
    Opponent: Takes 1 hour to move

  3. If someone is wondering. They speaking Polish.

  4. Lol! Bullet chess is better played online 😉

  5. Lol bullet chess was not meant to be funny like this
    2:11 Black(left) moved King to a checked square so instantly corrected, but White(right) has already made a move so this is the first crisis of failing. But fortunately there was nothing wrong at last. I could understand this after watching at 0.25 speed.
    2:15 I pick this point as the highlight. Black(left) accidently moved an opponent's piece, and in panic, threw everything over, and ended his turn without correcting it. So White(right) protests.
    And White(right) was winning the game.
    The second game had been owned by Black(right) for a long time. White(left) didn't want to resign, but had no choice at last.

  6. 5:49
    Why couldn't the white king move to A3 in this situation?
    Sorry all, new to the game!
    I understand kings cant be next to each other. But why does that still equal a checkmate?

  7. bullet znaczy kula (w kontekście broni palnej) nie 'pocisk'

  8. Bullet can't play on physical board, but must play on tablet or computer..

  9. Bruh is this real time who can even think this fast?

  10. How to win at bullet chess: once u have more material move ur peaces so fast and fake accidentally knock all the peaces and say i had more material i win

  11. 2:15

    “You were in check for like 3 moves!”
    “Yeah but your time ran out.”
    “But you made 3 illegal moves!”
    “Ok but you have no time left.”
    “You made an illegal move before my time ran out!”
    “At least I still have time.”

  12. I want to know what is this people laughing

  13. These guys mastered ultra instinct in real life

  14. the dude on the right takes bullet so seriously that he decided to ride his knights at a 90° angle

  15. this is why 1 minute time control over the board is dumb, is much better to play bullet online.

  16. White moved his king into check with a few seconds left and that’s what the pointing was about at the end

  17. Kids play chess you all kids go drink milk and then sleep

  18. Me and da bois when we don't know how to play chess but wanted to be like a pro

  19. Its called bullet chess cuz that's what you want to put through your head after playing a round.

  20. This need new category, not a bullet capacity. This is laser.
    Imagine being a right handed playing as man in suits

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