Bullet Chess with Amruta | Go h4! A short 15 min stream!

Short stream of 15 min where Amruta will try h4! in her bullet games!

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Amruta who likes to play bullet would like to reach a rating of 2000 on Playchess.

Video: Amruta Mokal
Thumbnail: Abhyudaya Raam

#Chess #ChessBaseIndia #AmrutaMokal

Video: ChessBase India

#Chess #ChessBaseIndia #AmrutaBullet
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  1. F in the chat for the people who missed this stream

  2. Legendary stream. Sagar op Amruta op❤️❤️❤️

  3. It says short 15 min stream but it is 1 hour 30 mins long🤣🤣LOL

  4. Definitely a short 15 minute stream 😂

  5. Hey Another sagar shah proud student ♞ here

  6. I just found on google that there's actually a chess cafe in Pune.

  7. Amruta and Sagar ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Why not comment, if you see hearts being given xD, btw what a stream 😂😂😂 Sagar bhai aapne galat vaccine toh nhi lgwa li

  9. "Lots of words rhyme with hennes." – Sagar Shah (2021) 55:15 LEGENDARY.

  10. It was short 1: 31: 04 stream hahaah 😀😀 but enjoyed

  11. This is the best theme man. Wife husband playing with subs & commentating on each other 's games & MAINLY TROLLING part.

    It wl attract large audience. Make it weekly or daily thing.

  12. Again I remember everyone that this was a 15 min stream. YouTube added a little more footage so don't blame him

  13. Sagar and amruta…plz give me a heart ❤❤❤

  14. Ye konsi meeting hai jaha "next game" ko rename karke "last game" kar diya gaya? 🤔
    Cutest couple op!❤️

  15. This stream was so op. I watching it now😂😂😂😂

  16. Kash me ye live dekhta fir Bhi I am laughing a lot now while watching this stream😂

  17. a 'short' 15 minute stream 😀 hehe.


  19. Every minute was timestamp in this stream😂

  20. A short and sweet 15 min stream…

  21. I thought that this stream will be based on Amruta Mam but Sagar bhai stole the show 😂

  22. Please don't make this stream private.

  23. This stream is very short.
    Even shorter than my YouTube shots😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Please schedule your stream few hours ago, so that more people come .❤

  25. Sagar Bhai's Dedication for Chess is tremendous 🙂 Hope See You soon Sagar Bhai Get Well Soon 🙂 One Last Game please just felt 3am awakeness turned in full chess entertainment 🙂

  26. For the first few minutes, I really thought Sagar was drunk😁😁😂😂

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