Bullet Chess SemiFinal Tang vs Hikaru

GM Andrew Tang from Cloud 9 vs GM Hikaru Nakamura from TSM play the Bullet Chess Championship 2022 SemiFinal Match















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  1. what is the music in the parts from his perspective?

  2. I'm a little surprised Tang uses the North Korean flag in serious tournaments.

    Some great chess!

  3. Maybe Andrew did know the time situation and figured it was lost already so instead of playing dangerously he played solid to keep the score close. Psychologically it could help him in the next match knowing he was so close instead of opening up the lead and being further discouraged. Only he knows I guess.

  4. Hess may not be a super gm by play, but he’s the type of person every super gm should be like

  5. “Why am I panicking? It makes no sense” —because he faces an opponent who can actually keep up with his speed

  6. Me: why am I not thinking?
    Hikaru: Why Am I thinking?

  7. May i ask for spotify playlist or name of the songs that is playing throughout the video?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Why didn’t he just not take the rook premoves lose 0.1s and he would have flagged.

  9. also Hikaru, you have been playing games that aren't bullet, that requires other type of mentality at the time of playing. We are animals of habits.

  10. I actually find it quite endearing that someone as accomplished as Hikaru still has to work on calming his nerves while playing

  11. This Hikaru Nakamura guy is a clear beginner.

  12. i think hikaru needs to chill out, when hes winning he starts to get cocky, he just needs to treat it like any other game, rather than about winning, if he did that i feel like he would play better.

  13. Hikarus excuse : Playing so shaky today … My excuse : Im rated 1500 (faceplam).

  14. It was a rough start with losses that should have been wins, but he finally turned it around in the end!

  15. i met you when i was 7 in sunrise at a tournament

  16. These guys can resign faster than I can premove

  17. @Hikaru, Something that has helped me out. I hope that it may be of service to you. I have found it helpful to focus on the behavior I want to achieve rather than the one I wish to avoid. Present tense positive. I E. Instead of (don't forget) I do remember. Things of that nature. The brain tends to ignore negatives and we get what we focus on. Then things become a struggle. You are awesome, smooth and fast. I tried to keep this short. Hope it can be of service to you.

  18. Congratulations Hikaru. Won the FIDE Grand Prix Leg 1 in classical this year, won the Rapid Chess Championship last week and is now the World Bullet Champion. He is the complete chess player.

  19. Its amazing how Hikaru is so calm and beating Andrew while chatting. We were so nervous watching it live and the commentators were going crazy.

  20. PANIC MODE ENGATE moves takes only .02 seconds longer

  21. Lol the end, he doesn’t care, it’s back.

  22. The title should be : “Why am I panicking? It makes no sense”

  23. Please stop switching with the commentary, it's really annoying

  24. I understand why people would say “just relax or just don’t panic” but this is his livelihood his career and passion if he doesn’t panic over chess there is nothing else to panic about for him. We don’t know what is going on in his life or what is going in his mind. People have to also keep in mind that he is not even playing his best strats or prep as he is keeping it for the OTB events so he already is going in with a disadvantage Anyway great game by both players

  25. Wrong music man! If your music runs you get to go walking. (If you were listening to the same music we do, otherwise just put this comment in the trash bin🤪) you are the best 👋👋

  26. Yo man, I hope you're doing well! You've been talking about yourself very negatively these past few weeks… you're dope man. I hope somehow things get better for you:)

  27. "Andrew probably doesnt realise the time here" <— if there is 1 min left just don't do anything and just relax. ur up by 3 not 2 lmao

  28. At 8:11 Hikaru touches his nose and says twice "i messed that up", at 8:04 (same chess moment) he doesnt. Weird!

  29. I win the match but I am not happy !!

  30. Switching perspectives every two seconds completely ruined the video. pretty disappointing cus i wanted to watch it

  31. Alireza eventually won this tourney I think. I was cheering for Hikaru though 🙁

  32. "we're gonna win the match. and I'm not happy"'. Bullet GOAT

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