BULLET CHESS Nightcore Edition | GM Eric Hansen

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  1. One of the best videos on the interwebs! Love it!

  2. I'd just hang my queen on move one if I were to do this lol

  3. why is he so fast?!! i swear my video is at normal speed

  4. where ist your setting pc
    and Internet speed

  5. The thumbnail looks like Eric is about to murder somebody 😂

  6. geez this is BRUTAL Kf2 Ke1 Kf2 Ke1 😛

  7. Techno is depressing. Legit only fun people go to the clubs and dance. I haven't been downtown in year's. Thanks for ruining my night

  8. What is the purpose to have 30 sec instead of 1 min ? Do you win more points in the ranking ?

  9. what opening is he playing on white and black?

  10. Is he korean? At 3:21 I think he said 빨리 = fast in korean, anybody here know if he is?

  11. This has to be my favorite chessbrah video. I must have watched this 5 times and it's still amazing.

  12. The quality of your games constrasts with your poor choice of music !

  13. Thats for sure Anna and Alexandra watched this one

  14. Yo where did you buy that stuff you call preworkout

  15. Eric using Dutch swear words at 5:08, I wonder who taught him that lol

  16. Where is the music playlist? Thanks to this vid i started listening to nightcore while coding but am still unable to find some of the songs

  17. Still the most entertaining Chessbrah bullet video I've ever seen

  18. wait, how old was eric here? he didnt age at all

  19. God this brings me back so many years. This is how my love for nightcore and bullet started

  20. Wait, I haven't watched this vid in 8 months, how is it not on 10M yet?

  21. This is my favorite chess video in all of youtube, I watched this 3 years ago when I was 1200 and was blown away with chess mastery… Now I’m 2400 and coming back to my roots

  22. i really love nightcore, it feels awesome seeing there is another streamer who enjoys it while playing bullet on lichess

  23. Wait, I haven't watched this vid in 8 months, how is it not on 10M yet?

  24. I’m waiting for the part 2 of this for 5 years

  25. Keep coming back to this video! Need more of these brahs!! 💯

  26. amazing content, love to see some quality bullet from the goat eric hansen

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