bullet chess is very PAINFUL

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  1. 😂😂😂 I love this short !! "Aaaaaaaargh F*** you !!" this reaction is normal!

  2. You would have lost the queen anyway with the rook there. It wasn't a trade so I'm not sure why you got so angry in the first place 😂

  3. “JESUS MOUSE!” and thid has just became my new favourite quote

  4. If anyone is wondering she’s playing the queens gambit

  5. I wish I was a mouse slip just so I could tilt alex like that

  6. That Canadian accent really came out there! Mose

  7. Exact reason why i stopped dragging and dropping. I click to love every time

  8. mouse became a rat. You should have seen how the Pro Chess League ended today. The win or loss of an entire team was determined by one mouse slip. Without it the Spanish team would have won, and now, because of it they lost.

  9. I never knew this many people would watch somebody stream chess

  10. May Jesus mouse bless you with the ability to use a mouse properly. Lol

  11. That's me everyday while playing bullet, a bit more curse words though 🙂

  12. Been there! Put a hole in the wall trying to smash my mouse! Nothing a sledge and the garage floor didnt fix. Last misclick that mouse ever did! ..and yes it was the mouse.

  13. The mouse going crazy as she screams is hilarious 😹

  14. Omg its double botez gambit in one move

  15. I think she blundered g6 was in my opinion the best move

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