Bullet Chess Is A Dangerous Game

Hikaru plays the inaugural Bullet Brawl arena and finds out that bullet is more dangerous than he thinks. – Part 2

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  1. even if this man and someone else with equal elo played a 10 second game it would still look better than rapid games

  2. Hikaru’s not half bad at this chess thing…..but the singing he should leave to the Backstreet Boys.

  3. Ah bullet chess – aka blunder your queen format

  4. Hikaru: up 30+ points
    Also Hikaru: anything can happen still
    Also also Hikaru: reads chat, thanks subs

  5. “We’ll hit 200 before Tesla does” LMFAOOOO

  6. always a pleasure to watch Hikaru play bullet even though he's just constantly berating himself these days lol

  7. Getting a new mouse could be a life-changer … Just saying 🖱️

  8. 1:50 don’t worry hikaru we’ve never once thought that to be the case

  9. Queen blundered.
    👁 👁



  10. Bullet game bullet commentating, bullet advertising, bullet streak, bullet me watching, all in one video. Bullet congrats to uncle Hikaru

  11. Thanks Hikaru!…you are a true master of the game, love your channel!

  12. Dude literally doesn’t care about wired mouses.

  13. When the moves start to come faster than bullets that is when chess becomes dangerous!😳

  14. New Player: "Hikaru is the reason I started playing chess" Grandmaster: "Hikaru is the reason I quit playing chess" Levy Rozman: "Am I even in this phreaking Venn diagram?" – j q t –

  15. Best thumbnails, daily good content.

    We are getting spoiled!

  16. Hikaru: "Ill play a little slower this game."
    *Continues to insta-move everything

  17. New reality – a higher level of consciousness

    Don't play yourself; get out of line and get stomped with this

    Negativity is a chronic disease

    But I'm like the cure, causin' infections to freeze

    Peace to the God Guru

  18. my brain started to burn 33mins into the video

  19. Get a wired mouse. Drop that wireless stuff. Lots of good options

  20. Hikaru I just had to acknowledge just how good your editing is, your thumbnails are some of the best I’ve seen on YouTube, aside from your chess expertise the editing alone keeps me coming back to your channel, kudos to you sir and thank you for the great content!😄

  21. love that hikaru is putting drum and bass as his background music for these videos

  22. could it be karparov? would he even be into bullet??

  23. I love playing bullet, even if you are not good at chess, you can just play random moves until your opponent runs out of time, time is very important in this

  24. No man alive can beat hikaru in bullet chess my man is just a beast in bullet segment no competition

  25. my boy Hikaru cannot be playing with anything less than a $50 corded gaming mouse.

  26. Wait, Hikaru uses a wireless mouse? Don't they tend to have a lot of lag & dropped signals in addition to the charging issues?

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