Bullet chess fun #2 w/ commentary vs FIDE Master

Playing site:

I put a seek out for some bullet chess, and got paired up with a Fide Master opponent. We played nearly 20 games towards the end of a 6+ hour livestream at



  1. Enjoyed playing with you Jerry! btw, I made that username as an email when I was 12 and it just stuck. It was always my dream to be a gm! Still is! I'm thinking of starting a channel too, what do you guys think??

  2.   19:41  "Where's the killing shot?"     Weird how bullet blinds us sometimes.

  3. I think Jerry and Danny Rensch should do a Bullet or blitz match where they both make videos on their commentary! At the moment they're fairly close in rating I believe, at least in bullet.

  4. Guys. I think he gets it. He missed a mate in 1. This is bullet chess with 60 seconds to play. The first 100 comments were enough. Fantastic playing Jerry and thanks for sharing 😀

  5. only Jerry would play the Caro Kann in bullet lol 

  6. It's interesting. When jerry loses track of his time. I also lose track if his time.

  7. Thanks for 41 minutes of your time. You wrecked that grandmaster!

  8. These are very entertaining and instructive. Thanks, Jerry!

  9. "I don't even have time to look at my time!" 😀

  10. Hey Jerry, quick question. I don't really understand the chess ranking system, what does your rank of national master actually mean and how did you obtain it? 

  11. I think it was natural for Jerry to miss/not even consider the mate in 1. You just do not expect your opponent to mess up like that.

    Even in slow positions I have fallen victim to this.

  12. I was going to alert you about 19:40 mate, but it seems that pretty much every other viewer on here has beat me to it.

  13. It's so funny watching myself play. I can't believe I made some of the moves I did! Some of them were really good, some of them were terrible!

  14. I find these educational chess videos fascinating for a few reasons, and not because of the high level of chess being played but for the speed in which a basic plan is formulated at every position by the master, and his ability to convey his "stream of conscious" and reveal his "interior monologue" so clearly while under fire.

    Also interesting to me is the thinking process of many of the viewers leaving comments. Sure, many of us caught the mate in 1 and it's easy to sit back  and consider ourselves clever, but we are not strapped in a chair with some manic asking us to solve a complex riddle or our family is toast.

     The reality of playing chess online is that humans will cheat, given half a chance. It's in our nature to get the upper hand, survive at all costs and gain advantages.

    Life is kind of a warfare against the malice of others and chess is a kind of practice for life.

     Perhaps these games would be at a higher level if the time controls were set higher, but where do you draw the line? Is 2 minutes enough to stop cheaters from using phone apps, is 3 minutes? Certainly not 4 or 5. I would beat Morphy at those time controls if he were still alive and I had an engine purchased from itunes for 2 bucks and pocket litter.

    We are living in a strange and wonderful age of chess. Chess mania has always rode waves and we now have more chess appeal then ever before. But gone are the coffee house chess games, people are not playing face to face as they once did, but instead the internet is the new chess hangout, and most of us are anonymous. We are not gaining our chess knowledge from the local grandmaster and few are paying for lessons OTB in "meat space", but instead absorb information from places like Youtube in cyber space. We don't need to get dressed up and shave and meet and greet and  "thanks,cya, smell ya later", any more.

    Now we have the opportunity for chess enlightenment and personal improvement with chess engines and a thousand channels to choose on Youtube. "Pick your mentor", is the hardest choice. I like these bullet games because I'm spoiled and fickle and too impatient to listen to some guy in a beard and shabby toupee breath garlic in my face and ask me to look deep into some obscure position that he came up with. I now can delve into the mind of a master and start to understand visually instead of reading algebra from a book and trying to keep it all straight and pencil it out.

    Now we have grandmasters whispering insight into our ears at our fingertips, and I for one appreciate it immensely and wished I started watching these videos years ago instead of using chess books as a sleeping pill.

  15. It's funny he says: "…and now what's the killing shot" pause…and misses mate

  16. Jerry please read this you had mate in 1 at 19:39, I'm a big fan I watch all your videos. I know it's bullet chess, but I can't just let that one slide by without you seeing it. If someone doesn't say anything about it it's like it never existed. Lol

  17. Also had mate two more times with the rook horse combo afterwards

  18. How are you not higher than national master, Jerry? You're clearly stronger than most titled players you face.

  19. "I don't even have time to look at my time!"

  20. Why is it a draw when you lose on time?

  21. "I don't even have time to look at my time." Funny.

  22. Hey wait. if you run out of time, and you have enough mating pieces, and your opponent has no pieces (except the king), dont you still win? I thought that was a rule.

  23. haha I chuckled a bit when you picked up white's knight

  24. you missed Qxg2# what heck are you a NM

  25. @19:38 Qxg2 is checkmate. Wow an NM and an FM missing mate in one for two consecutive moves. I feel better about myself now. No offense to you Jerry or the FM

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