Bullet Chess #checkmate #chess #bulletchess

music credits – @BobbyBoJanglles
#checkmate #chess #chessbaseindia #chessbase #chesscom #chessgame #chesstricks #nihalsarin #viditgujrathi #bulletchess


  1. Steal this song real song owner is bobby bo jangles

  2. If some random guy playing chess uses this sound even though it doesn't have to do anything with the game i wil explode in rage

  3. When people gon realize not all bobby Bojangles sound goes with every chess video. Please use something else, or at least use the audio correctly

  4. I hate when I’m playing and they just blatantly attack my queen with no backup, but I don’t expect it, and I move another piece without processing the bad move, and then they take it

  5. Nobody realises that when bobby said "blunder" his oppoment blundered his queen?

    And when bobby said slide the queen, he did so

    AND when he said you cant save it, he got checkmated

  6. We’re going to ignore the fact he blundered his queen

  7. "This is the moves it starts with"
    proceeds to start endgame

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