Bullet Chess Championship – Winners Finals & Losers QF | Presented by DigitalOcean

The 2022 Bullet Chess Championship presented by DigitalOcean is an event gathering elite players competing in a series of 1+0 games. The event has a total prize fund of $100,000, with the winner earning a spot to play in the 2022 Speed Chess Championship.

Bullet Chess Championship details:

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  1. 90% of the commentary is about time management….find something interesting to talk about

  2. Too long don't watch
    The match was close, 11.5-9.5, Hikaru got the dub

  3. Hikaru stomping the field😄
    We need Magnus here(1+0 🐐)

  4. Definitely not this black and white board next time guys…please….not good to watch

  5. Hikaru talking to chat while beating the fastest players is hilarious

  6. Each player should wear 2 cameras (or more depending on head size) on their head so we can see more angles. The beauty of wearing two or more cameras is if one malfunctions the play just continues uninterrupted using the other cameras. They should have microphones taped on the cameras. So it all doesn’t fall off they will have tape wrapped around their head and face but missing the eyes unless it’s blindfold play

  7. Why are aren’t Firouzja and Magnus playing?

  8. These are the best pairing of commentators….

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