Bullet Chess Championship – Round of 16 | Presented by DigitalOcean

The 2022 Bullet Chess Championship presented by DigitalOcean is an event gathering elite players competing in a series of 1+0 games. The event has a total prize fund of $100,000, with the winner earning a spot to play in the 2022 Speed Chess Championship.

Bullet Chess Championship details:

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  1. wait a sec. How is Bortnyk playing, Russians are invading him

  2. Good to see all the classical hasn't hurt Hikaru's bullet game too much

  3. Where is nihal sarin he completely destroyed Alexy sarhana in bullet where is he

  4. Eric looks like he hasnt slept in days honestly

  5. Bullet chess is bullshit. You can outplay opponent on the board and easily get flagged. It's all speed.

  6. 3:11:38 Alexey could've gone for the "blunder" Kb6 just to mess with flagging Hikaru's 0.2 seconds

  7. Hikaru sadge. Felt bad for Sarana. Jospim 😱!!! Clearly I've not seen enough of his games. Never imagined he'd dominate Zhigalko like that. Respect. Bullet isn't always the best chess objectively but it is always entertaining. Great tournament by Chess.com.

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