Bullet Chess Championship Quarterfinal: Nakamura Vs. Firouzja

Hikaru Nakamura has been one of the bullet chess players in the world for over a decade, but his 15-year-old opponent in this game, Alireza Firouzja, is already a fearsome opponent! Can the young Iranian score the Bullet Chess Championship upset?

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  1. 22:05 was going to say I thought these guys were doing a great job until I saw them bump their fists and giggle like school girls here. I’m pretty sure sports commentator and cheerleader are 2 different things. And “explicitive” is not a word

  2. Dont understand why everyone is upset with the commentary. Good to see a little life in chess

  3. Buen dia para mi FIROUZA es el proximo campeon del mundo en algunos años

  4. Daniel Rensch is just a genuine great person. I really love this guy , his humor , especially when he saw he was commentating alone for a split second . What a cool and funny guy , exactly how i wanna be but i am not xD


  6. why so much hate on danny rensch? I dont understand, such toxic ppl on the chess community or what?

  7. I always root for Hikaru, but you guys cheated at the end, by stopping the timer : GAMES STARTED BEFORE 30 MINUTES CONTINUE UNTIL COMPLETION. That last game could've counted in favor of Firouzjia if he won.

  8. good games for my favorite chess player Hikaru Nakamura, iam very respect with him

  9. The kid is 15 and he nearly won, Let that sink in

  10. I love how they don't tell you who's playing light and who's playing dark

  11. What's with the biased commentary?
    These guys should get off Hikaru's dick that was so unprofessional! Idiots

  12. theres tiers, like me, alireza, maybe magnus (?????) dude hikaru is an idiot

  13. magnus , naka , alireza
    Bullet Chess Championship
    make it happen please

  14. I really enjoy the game and the comment of Danny Rensh. LMAO

  15. i've been saying this Firouzja is getting better and better

  16. I suggest you set volume to 0.
    These fools are complete idiots.

  17. Clearly there are dropping song lyrics into this video. “Hey Danny, I heard you are a wild one” 😂

  18. Hikaru at 22:06 "YES!!! CMON!! MOTHERF****" LMAO so out of character

  19. I love these fellas but biased commentaries are bad.

  20. Are they commentators or just here to cheer for Nakamura the whole video!!

  21. عاش ياعلي ، ربنا يوفقك

  22. Commentators are Hikaru’s supporters and often comment on Alireza to be in bad position, the irony Alireza is just the same in points and sometimes ahead.. so what’s that all trash

  23. 5.5-7.5 to 9.5-7.5 ?? Hikaru just insane.

  24. Robert Hess looking like the grown up version of that kid from Zathura

  25. Hate Daniel & Robert cose they keep calling Alireza “kid”

  26. You guys made a big mistake putting Hikaru and Firouzja in the same division, this should have been a final match between these two not a semifinal nor quarter final. terrible terrible mistake.

  27. Oh men I really like Hikaru but sometimes he is such a bad loser and even bad winner, he needs to understand that some people could be better than him.

  28. I like both hikru and reza. But I was rooting for reza

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