Bullet Chess Championship QF

Hikaru plays bullet specialist Jospem aka GM Jose Martinez who defeated Anish Giri in round 1.


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  1. I'm going nuts why can't bishop recapture the queen at 9:49?
    Edit: ty guys now I'm going nuts over the editor's music choice

  2. Ole Ole Ole Ole, Ooole Ole Ole Ole Oleee🍍🇺🇲📈

  3. For anyone who doesn't know, the guy who Hikaru beat yesterday went on to crush Anish in the losers bracket. And Anish had proved that he is good at bullet yesterday when he almost beat Jospem. So all that to say, Emin is a strong player, but Hikaru is nearly the epitome of bullet chess.

  4. The moaning from Hikaru is horrible to listen to.

  5. Commentators: “Hikaru is just completely dominating his match”

    Hikaru: “why did I do that?” “I shouldn’t even be playing right now, so bad”

  6. Can we get some better musical selection please

  7. he should focus on chess instead of talking too much . what he does on board is already entertaining .

  8. “I just show up and play and I literally don’t care “ Hikaru , great grandfather 2023

  9. Wowzer! Hikaru is a beast! Jose is no slouch. Just amazing.

  10. It's remarkable how self-critical Hikaru actually is. Commentators saw Hikaru completely dominating, but Hikaru knew he was shaky at times.

  11. Hikaru: I’m not playing well, but I’m winning.

    Me: I’m not playing well, but I’m not winning.

  12. What's the second song name? Sounds like the lyrics are "she's a part of me, I want her to go go" Credit to whoever found this song, I love it 🙂

    Found it! Part of Me – Dajana

  13. This jose eduardo is really good

  14. Im so glad you beat that guy. All he knows is to flag

  15. You have to see Tyler1 Hogwarts opening who would’ve thought after a gazillion years of chess that there would be new unbeatable strategies

  16. Hello Hikaru's Editor would be really nice of you if you could add the Live Score 💖

  17. What’s changed with the music? Not used to having actual songs playing lol. Normally it’s like some chill cafe music

  18. Hikaru loses: I'm not playing good well, it is not my day.
    Hikaru won: Oh this is probably gonna win.

  19. I like how Hikaru says" we are winning, we are almost to the promised land" when he is winning i feel like i'm winning too!!!…great psychological way to earn subscribers :):) and when he is losing it's on him. Good Job Hikaru. We are gonna win this Tourny! ::

  20. “Very shaky start for me. I’m gonna win this game, but very shakey start. Hmmm. I don’t feel good about it”
    -Hikaru after winning.

    This man doesn’t like settling for anything less than blowing his opponent off the board. That sounded sus. Why did it sound sus. I thought that was the saying. Wtf

  21. Am I the only one who read OF in the title?

  22. I don't know why thumbnail have Vidit Gujrati's face

  23. GM Hikaru can you do this challenge of ultra bullet?

  24. "Oh can I take? I didn't even see this forever." 9:46 One move and 4 seconds later…

  25. Dear Editor, may I perhaps please get a playlist to the songs in this video

  26. Look at you vs Magnus rapid match it is crazy in chess base India and 😊look at my comment because I'm your big fan 😢

  27. Please do it, please @GM Hikaru Nakamura stronger and motivation

  28. Hello Mr.Hikaru can you play 15 second chess (ultra bullet mod) on lichess?

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