Bullet Chess Championship – GRAND FINALS – Hikaru vs. Tang | Presented by DigitalOcean

The 2022 Bullet Chess Championship presented by DigitalOcean is an event gathering elite players competing in a series of 1+0 games. The event has a total prize fund of $100,000, with the winner earning a spot to play in the 2022 Speed Chess Championship.

Bullet Chess Championship details:

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  1. I hope there will be a Magnus vs. Hikaru match, in 1+0. I would pay for that. 🙂

  2. Those two commentators were clearly rooting against Hikaru. Perhaps they can find some impartial commentators next time. Congrats Hikaru!!!

  3. Alireza was not in this BCC, which I would say reduced the excitement alot. I do remember last year BCC when he outplayed Hikaru on semi-final.

  4. When Danya widens his eyes and stares maniacally at the board, I’m getting serious Ben Platt in Dear Evan Hansen vibes.

  5. This is an awesome commentary duo. Hess and Aman are both awesome

  6. Absence of Carlsen, Alireza, Nihal Sarin made this show 50% less competitive for Hikaru.

  7. Great coverage and great tournament! A little advice for next time: Don't use a black and white board, use the green or blue or anything but black.

  8. “Hikaru, jamming to the beat which may or may not exist.” Classic.

  9. Big hicky enjoying things while he can before alireza dominates the next decade

  10. Epic battle till the very end and it was so so close ! Congratulations to both GMs. 👏

  11. if hikaru lost in the final finale ,he would've had only one chance

  12. Please don't put spoilers into the video title. I wanted to watch Tang vs Danya game without knowing who won.

  13. Hikaru the final boss as always, and aman and hess excellent commentary, as always. cheers from spain!

  14. I would put money on Danya beating Tang. Very surprised.

  15. The way it says that hikaru's name is hiakru in the interview

  16. When hikaru bobbing his head, he’s changing the engine from stockfish to komodo to alphazero

  17. damn this Hikaru is just winning everything plus getting millions of dollars f my life

  18. I wonder how well Magnus would do if he played in these events

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