Bullet Chess Championship Finals: Nakamura Vs. Bortnyk

After five days of tense play, it’s come down to this. Can Olexandr Bortnyk defeat the incredible Hikaru Nakamura or is Nakamura really just that much better than the best the elite Bullet Chess Championship field has to offer?

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  1. I've already seen this before, how is that possible?

  2. Full marks to the interpreter for remembering Bortnyk's 28 minute answer at the end

  3. nakamura best blitz and rapid chess player who NEVER won blitz or rapid WC!!!!!
    he will win atleast 1 soon

  4. the result would be different if Magnus participated 😉

  5. For what it’s worth, I don’t like the set format and I don’t like draws not counting.

  6. this is not even interesting to watch because naka is too strong. this is just chess lessons taught to bortnyk by nakamura. he is his teacher

  7. Love the commentary from Danny and Robert, as always. However, talking Naka into the clouds feels a bit weird when he's on chess.com's payroll.

  8. Bortnyk will be back to beat cry baby Naka next time!

  9. Who would win Magnus or Hikaru in bullet chess???

  10. Naka clearly is too strong for Bortnyk. If you want entertainment, i suggest watching Naka vs Firouzja in quarterfinals on twitch. That should have been the final tbh

  11. Congrats Naka, impressive victory over the creative Bortnyk! Too fast too strong! And Robert, I think thats a good fresh idea to clean up some there, being a star, Must be hard co-hosting next to Danny with that fountain of youth thing going on, lol but definitely give it your best. Thx.

  12. That moment when u see what a complete beast is hikaru in bullet and then u got carlsen

  13. 1:02:50 … That face of Danny when they mentioned Lichess 😂 … NOTHING TO DO HERE 😶 😂

  14. Naka beat this guy like he was a chessbrah…. sorry guys 😳

  15. I don’t think Bortnyk congratulated Hikaru

  16. Try have British commentators. US sports commentators irritate.

  17. This video is best watched on mute – Daniel Rensh is awful.

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