Bullet Chess Championship Finals: Nakamura Vs. Bortnyk

After five days of tense play, it’s come down to this. Can Olexandr Bortnyk defeat the incredible Hikaru Nakamura or is Nakamura really just that much better than the best the elite Bullet Chess Championship field has to offer?

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  1. I want magnus vs nakamura bullet match before alireza becomes monster in bullet chess.

  2. I want magnus vs nakamura bullet match before alireza becomes monster in bullet chess.

  3. They made Alireza to face Hikaru in the first round… unfair, because, for me, no 1 bullet player is Magnus, no 2 is Hikaru and 3rd is Alireza, 4. Andrew 5. Daniel.

  4. Hikaru "resistance is futile" Nakamura.

  5. would hikaru beat a supercomputer at chess?
    also congrats to Bortnyk for making it this far!
    although i wanted to see Grischuk..

  6. I think Hikaru is overestimating his chances against Magnus in bullet. Just look at Carlsens' dominance in the Titled Arenas, which are also 1+0.

  7. That was not instresting at all. I mean, only Naka Firouzja was good to watch. You had to invate Penguin and Danya instead Karjakin and Aronian to this tournament without qualification. Karjakin and Aronian don't have experience in 1+0.

  8. I can see that high level chess players are more like high level cheerleaders, catty and upset when legal moves catch them out. grand master, more like grand whinger

  9. Carlsen is the best bullet player on Earth 💪

  10. I literally wanna watch hikaru vs magnus in a bullet match

  11. Can someone link firouzja vs naka matchup

  12. Where's the Nakamura/Firouzja quarterfinal video? That was the real final.

  13. Hikaru is insane.
    ALSO, Danny is awesome, he's making chess so much more entertaining. And Robert works so well with him. This pair of commentators is the best.

  14. How does Carlsen slaughter Hikaru all the time?
    Hikaru is like God for everyone else
    Carlsen is like Hikaru's God

  15. Middle game is 15 30, end game is 40-40 deuce

  16. Great! Love! Mad! Respect! You guys are so lucky to be where you're at! Love you all! Thanks for showing how brilliant, man can be☺️

  17. its ouch town…… who came up with that?

  18. Omg poor Bortnyk, I wouldnt be happy if I just won second place at a huge tournament like this, but everyone start talking about MC and Firouzja and how close it would be…

  19. nakamura took 6 hours puzzle rush training for this final..it works!

  20. only in chess u find a genius who cannot speak english

  21. I heard recently Naka said that Magnus and Alireza are the only players when he play against them the overall result could go either way. I guess this is so much compliment for Alireza.

  22. Danny is like the Jim Carey of the chess world.

  23. Nakamura monstro, somente o Carlsen pra superá-lo no bullet.
    Poxa, só eu do Brasil por aqui?

  24. Chess clock: This game can only last 1 minute for each player
    Pause button: Hold my beer

  25. If the final between hikaru and alireza then it may not be one-sided like this

  26. commenting bullet chess must be the worst job

  27. Всё равно Бортник best of the best!!!

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