Bullet Chess Championship 2021: All-Stars

The 2021 Bullet Chess Championship presented by SIG concludes with the All-Star tournament featuring Alexandra Botez, Maurice Ashley, Nemo, and more!

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  1. Maurice’s head looks like it’s trying to consume his face.

  2. games were good.
    But lets be honest here not as good as the grandmasters who play like yesterday.

  3. It's not Brooklyn, it's Sandomierski Gambit

  4. The start of this video is so wholesome. 🙂

  5. What is this?
    Wasn't the final yesterday? Alireza won

  6. Wen are ya'll having women's Bullet Chess Championship…. No men included just saying
    Pree moves are killers

  7. Tania laughing and smiling is so pretty and yum! omg, I pre-attacked just now.

  8. It would be great if we could have versions released which had the audio of the players

  9. Alexandra super loyal to the Botez gambit!!


  11. 36:24
    I've said it before, I'll say it again
    Sach(CHurro)- Truth

  12. Had Danya never played chess, he would have been a member of DreamSMP

  13. Magnus would beat all these nubz blindfolded. At same time

  14. 2:00:12 Making Draws in Winning Positions is one of the classes in the School of Simplification.

  15. Annoying to watch this when I have a higher bullet rating than EVERY SINGLE participant in this tournament at over 2600+… I wish I could have been invited to dust these weak "all-stars" off and win that prize money… I'm definitely a hater atm… lol

  16. Then Naroditsky and Aman talk these weak players up… like Botez is so strong in the time scrambles… please… she blundered 7654 pieces in that series… that ain't strong. I'd beat her using my touchscreen phone in bullet

  17. Maurice, you didn't have really smooth performances

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