Bullet Chess: Board Shootout Gameplay Trailer

Dynamic 2D Shooter with chess elements. Shoot ’em all!

We looked at classic chess in a new way, deciding to give the King a SHOTGUN so that he would feel much more confident in this pretty difficult game.

The main goal is to stay alive at any cost. All the pieces move like in classic chess. Your task is not to get hit and fight back by shooting at the enemy.

Collect gold, buy various weapons, set traps on the level, and you will definitely Win!

Is waiting for you:
– Huge selection of weapons;
– Unique levels with many different chess pieces;
– Obstacles in the form of abysses, traps and mines on a chessboard;
– Difficult bosses;

A popular logic game that will be interesting for both children and adults.


  1. Плагиат шотган кинга?

  2. Клевая игра, обожаю шахматы и все что с ними связано!

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