Bullet Chess! : Berserk #031 – Weekly Bullet Final 6th June 2015 – over 170 entries including a GM!

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  1. I am always amazed at your positive thinking lol… Sometimes you win when you have no right to even continue playing.

  2. GM Chessbrahs also has a youtube channel

  3. lol KC when Eric is feeling it he can berserk all the top players on lichess! He has berserked and beat every top player including yourself multiple times! He berserks IM's, GM's and tough 2400s and 2500s all the time and comes out on top most of the time! If you have a problem with it then beat him with 30 seconds extra. Also around 1:14:30 you win with 0.5 seconds and you say "i thought GMs had super fast connection" He berserked that game so he started with 30 seconds to your minute.

  4. I imagine the odd game of bullet chess would be fun but these tournaments seem torturous and exhausting.. why bother?!

  5. Ironic that your opponent at the time of your black screen malfunction was Drunken-master 🙂

  6. 42:39

    Could have won queen with knight check…. Discovered attack on queen

  7. 1:13:53 "please let me break his king. blunders queen and rook "UGH WHAT HAVE I DONE" lol

  8. That GM is Eric Hansen, just found out, lol

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