Bullet Chess at its Best


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  1. Hey guys! I'm early for once lol Thumbnails and Vids are fantastic as always!!🔥

  2. still choosing between tang and hikaru

  3. Lol Hikaru gets so goddamn down on himself once he has a few bad games he declares himself hopeless and won’t let himself be convinced otherwise

  4. hi hikaru whats you'rs fav fruit i like to know thank you

  5. Who creates your thumbnails? They need a raise 😂

  6. "so lets play genshin impact"

    wise words hikaru, very wise words

  7. Name is Nakamura, Hikaru Bullet Nakamura 😂

  8. “I’m playing very bad chess right now, it’s not my quarter century” – Me 2023.

  9. I could beat hikaru at blitz

    If he gave me 600 tries

  10. what !? I have to watch in total 20 ads for this video.. really ? ? ? ? ? ?

  11. hikaru : I'M PLAYING VERY BAD CHESS NOW ! He beats anyone still xD

  12. Hikaru plays genshin impact too can anyone give me his genshin uid 😊

  13. How many points for you get when you flip over the chess board after few moves

  14. Ive never seen someone so upset in a game while at the same time being in the lead.

  15. lol, title: Bullet Chess at its Best… very first words out of Hikaru: "I am very bad chess right now, not my day" 😆

  16. Chess needs a 1 in the chamber and gun game mode

  17. More bullet chess content, lets gooo

  18. What does he mean when he tried to ‘cheese’ his opponent ? To grab a quick win over a less experienced player?

  19. Hey Hikaru…isn't this the golden opportunity for you to win the wcc? Maybe the last chance…

  20. Hikaru and Tang don't want people to resign in bad positions but then begs for them to resign after a bad position. Losers.

  21. Can you slow down please? My brain cant process it.

  22. Had a tournament today and one game i was up a rook the whole time. Then i blundered it and lost. I'm now here for some good chess lol

  23. plays very bad chess beats a 2700 in the endgame

  24. "It's not my day." (said at least 15 times)
    Geez! Hicky can never give his opponents any props.

  25. The quality of your chess has dipped off a cliff?? it's bullet… this is mostly low quality chess.

  26. Didn’t know that andrew tate can compete on such a high lvl

  27. 18:29 The way he turned on the focus when he saw he was against Daniel.

  28. Whining while in first place. Very poor sportsmenship.

  29. Nakamura should thank Jose for leaving the game when he is already lost, that way he can continue to score points with other participants. It is a tournament where you have to score points, I don't find it logical to say that it is suspicious to leave the game, Jose is very good and must be respected.

  30. weird uploads recently with these events. Before the full 2 hours used to be posted. Then it went to 10 minutes. Now it is only the second half of them. Wish we could just get the full VoD :/

  31. Bullet brawl – one hour videos where Hikaru whines how bad he is playing while being in first place.

  32. Hikaru: why are they so slow

    Also Hikaru: *blunders “I was moving too fast”

  33. The way he's stop talking bc he faced daniel at 18:28 was hilarious lmfaooo

  34. Out of all the brawls this was definitely one of them

  35. I play bullet to spend my time and relax, but instead it stressful

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