Bullet Chess #286: lichess Bullet Arena

142 players, including BeehaardTheBonobo, ChessLawyer1992, and GM Jon Ludvig Hammer. Final standings:

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  1. I hadn't played in forever but immediately forced myself to play the second i got the notif (NM dmjjmd) good game!

  2. good luck tomorrow, john!:)

    Trent has a video out on "how to beat the scandinavian". would love to see you two battle it out over e4 d5:)

    Also, happy new year!

  3. This is one of the things I look forward to the most, a JB video !! You're the reason I play chess John, thanks for that and keep up the good work!

  4. in Tommy Wiseau voice These mouseslips are TEARING ME APART

  5. Btw its Dragon Materz like mate. Beat lawrence in the death match I wanna see that smack talk

  6. Love your videos john, the best for tomorrow

  7. Rooting for you to beat Trent but I really like Trent's smack talk. Good luck John.

  8. What's the best way to prepare for a tournament I have a month before my high school state competition?

  9. Is this Magnus? He played the titled arena as DannyTheDonkey, quite a similar name!

  10. Brovo on the first match beating that high rated player.

  11. 1:00 w 1. … a6
    3:06 b double fianchetto vs Bg4 london
    4:56 b symmetric english
    6:46 w f6-Kf7 berserk
    8:52 b symmetric london system
    11:04 w lazy titled player opening vs b5
    12:52 b symmetric london system
    14:31 w lazy titled player opening vs b5
    16:48 w queen's gambit accepted
    18:52 b slav, a3 mouse-slip variation vs tournament leader Dragonmaterz
    19:45 b 1. b4
    21:24 b reti
    23:47 w exchange slav with fianchetto
    25:56 w tarrasch defense
    27:11 w exchange slav with fianchetto berserk

  12. "Let's not berserk this one. Let's play some 'normal' chess." – John Bartholomew while playing Bullet.

  13. "tough for him to do a lot here, especially since that's checkmate" BRUTALLLLLL

  14. Hey, John! I love your videos!
    And btw which lines do you recommend against the Tarrasch defense?

  15. Can't watch it now. I'm busy (watching one of John's 2015 standart games on ICC). xD

  16. Great video as always, good luck with your death match + tournament!

  17. The first half of the tournament reminded me of the early videos of these Lichess tournaments where John just wiped the floor with his competition. The players are tougher now, but clearly John is in pretty good form recently. #GMBartholomew2018

  18. John I recognize a lot of these openings from chessable!! haha

  19. John, thank you so much for your comments while playing those tough games. You're one of the few players who can play and commentate with such clarity. It really helps me think more tactfully when I watch your games. Thanks for your great videos and keep it up man. I hope you win your upcoming death match 🙂

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