Bullet Chess #282: lichess Bullet Arena

117 players. Final standings:

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  1. Okay. I'll watch this now that I'm done fawning over Jimmy Buckets.

  2. Great stuff Fins! Looking forward to watching your every video

  3. I don't comment (ever), but you are looking incredibly strong, John! I think you are worthy of more than 45k subscribers. Keep doing your thing and you'll continue to grow! Thanks for the awesome content.


  4. YESSSSS! Thank you, John. I love these videos.

  5. Great video John! You're looking super strong! Only suggestion I have is to turn on the sounds when playing but perhaps that's my own personal preference! Again, great work!

  6. Today I will not beat my children, thank you JB for the upload!

  7. Hi John, awesome victory. Btw, I would love it if you could make a video showcasing your various chess sets. Thanks!

  8. Good to see you back in action, John … with the bullets flying around your ears!
    1. I remember when we congratulated you on 10K subscribers …
    2. Thanx to you I joined the local chess club and have now played the first games in a real OTB tournament! (I'm terrible at it, but it's great to feel the real wood compared to the online stuff!)

  9. Really enjoyed the vid John. I was shocked to realise though that Bullet without Techno just feels wrong to me now.

    Damn you Hansen.

  10. Wow. John you are on fire. Damn after going againts GM. Look at that 100 percent chess victory. Cant wait to see the name. GM FINS

  11. this is pretty stunning chess, John. Great to watch.

  12. Having just started your free chessable d4 repertoire, I really enjoyed seeing you play a few of those openings.

  13. By 16:42 it looks like you have built the death star with a bishop and 4 pawns John!

  14. What kind of mouse do you have? What model/brand?

  15. Hell yes! (but video is not long enough)

  16. Wow John, that was pretty flawless! Some very instructive moments but I'll have to go over them at a slow(er) tempo. Mouse test = OK :p

  17. John, I know it's only chess but have you considered uploading in 60fps? Idk if your pc can handle the rendering and all but was wondering if you'd thought about it. Thanks for the great content regardless!

  18. I am a big fan of yours. I just want you that you tell your story that how you became so fast and kind .

  19. I like how you explain your brilliant thinking so well

  20. I prefer a more competitive tournament for sure but always good to see John back in action

  21. Can't believe this channel is 45k subs. Hands down the best chess instructor online. We need to support this channel more!

  22. Thx for mentioning Hansen v Magnus. Been watching chessbrahs along w your channel and didn't realize they played.

    Erik is fun to watch. But I learn 1000x more watching you play n the channel

  23. Will you get to play Ben Finegold at St. L? You two are my favorite YouTube chess players.

  24. 10:45 guy clearly named chaikmate.
    pronounces it chickmot.

  25. hi JOhn , i am many time blunder for diagonal pin and skewer. so how to prevent? are you always thinking about in your all moves or some key points.. please tell me

  26. u will be a GM tomorrow john! u can do it!!!!!

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