Bullet Chess #275: 11 games in the ICC 1-minute pool

Opponents include IM JJOKK, Vectra, ancara, GM endlessfighter, YYE, NOODLE-NAUT, IM Vladislav Akselrod, and shuramura.

Final score: 10 wins, 1 loss.

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  1. Please do commentary of your games, the world needs to see it, especially if you get the chance to play against some of the best players in the world. You wouldn`t want your fans to miss that would you?

  2. I would love to see chess league videos! Great excuse for more standard videos! 😉

  3. Am I hallucinating or did you say "fam", John?

  4. Been missing the ICC bullet! More, please. Good luck in the tournament.

  5. what Gennaro Marco Devincenzis suggested, stream with a delay

  6. John, I would love to see the chess league videos. I think they would be a huge hit! It would be cool if you screen capped the live games so they can be played back in real time.

  7. Your 1 minute games are probably my favorite to watch. It's so impressive to watch the speed at which your mind works, all while commentating.

  8. Sadly the pools on ICC are getting more depopulated as time passes. 5-10 years ago we always had 2400+ games going on.

  9. lol on ICC you have to offer an abortion? you cant abort a game on your own?

  10. This is pretty advanced, but a video on how to win and how to draw (maybe in the same video?) R vs R+B would be great. I've seen the stalemating idea at the end, but I'm FIDE 2100 and have no idea how to press for a win…other than just viewing that Carlsen vs. Svidler blitz video on here that I can't really follow.

  11. Loved the Benoni game against Raix, very instructive. Thanks for the video, John!

  12. John Bartholomew, the only man who can talk while playing bullet chess

  13. The beard hair helps your speed. Like Samson.

  14. Hi John. I was just wondering if you could make a video that illustrates, how to improve your chess. Do you improve by reading chess books or by studying others' games?

  15. i play the same line vs the benoni as you do lol.

  16. I really admire your ability to explain yourself on bullet and still win on time

  17. I like the idea for commentary on your pro chess league games! I hope you end up doing it!

  18. You could always delay the stream for let's say 15 min. like it's done on poker streams.

  19. Yes! Please do voice-over commentary. That would be great, and wouldn't hinder your performance in the league.

  20. 19:08 I think black can castle giving up the pawn and then play Rf8, with some play

  21. The ICC 3 minute pool is tough, getting a good rating is hard if you come from lichess or chess.com 😀

  22. Do u pattern Karpov or Carlsen +John Bartholomew?

  23. how do u rate lichess vs chess,com vs ICC vs chesscube vs others John?

  24. That Benoni game was so impressive, that recall of previous games and pre-empting his moves in a bullet game was scary!

  25. Hey John! Do you know Unbox Therapy? He recently reviewed a chess board where the pieces move on their own, you should check it out if you haven't yet!

  26. Do you have photographic memory or close to it? Impressive how you can remember having certain positions and remember your opponent, especially if it wasn't an OTB game.

  27. VERY instructive benoni game against Raix!

  28. Great video John!, the progression of the beard is becoming more prominent in each video. Loving that beard

  29. In your opinion which chess site has the least inflated ratings for standard play?

  30. I'm always amazed at your skill level despite your light emphasis on book theory in your play. And then you bang out a good twenty moves of theory in a bullet game to get to a position I've never seen you play in the two years I've been paying attention for. ¯(ツ)/¯

  31. John.. how about adding a 2 min delay to the livestream?
    I think you would be a candidate for best livestream prize!

  32. 31:40 … "and now white gets to carry out the Prime Directive!" 🙂

  33. You can put a delay on the stream. 30 mins will give your opponent mostly useless information.

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