Bullet Chess #264: [Tournament] lichess Bullet Arena

66 players, including WB, sotalf, and e-player. Final standings:

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  1. Sorry i wasnt awake to watch you live in the bullet arena but atleast i get to watch the video . thanks for the video John

  2. for the past 6 years, i am using a gigabyte mouse. currently the "M6900" optical mouse, very basic, yet with nice precision, all buttons 'click' very nicely and precise. and also its somewhat low priced. (i paid 22€).
    before that i used the "M8000X", which has a laser sensor. also very good for fast playing, lasted about 4,5 years of multiple hours per day. due to higher dpi and the laser, its more expensive though, around 50€.

  3. You oughta change your title from IM to 1998 scholastic champion like Mike Kummer has John

  4. Awesome video John, gotta say I was starting to miss the bullet turneys. As for the chess.com qualifier, the margin by which you got flagged those couple of games I honest don't think it's you getting old or anything haha (I'm turning 30 in September too so I hear your concerns though) upgrade the mouse and see how that works for you. As many others have said, if you would have gotten those games to go your way, you would have been on top at the qualifiers!

  5. this is such a treat . i had a long day , just finished a night class, i come home and here is a bullet tournament by John. awesome. by the way, you were playing like Asura's that terrorized the ancient world….. great games and thanks again….

  6. These are definitely my favorite, keep 'em coming John!!

  7. Hey John, you were asking about a mouse; I have, and really like, the "Logitech Performance Mouse MX". It is rather pricey (MSRP $100, but you can find it on Amazon or BestBuy for a little over $60), but very reliable, and with some useful everyday functions for Windows as well.
    Here's the manufacturer's link: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/performance-mouse-mx
    I suggest watching YouTube reviews after you have narrowed down a few you're interested in; at least that's what I do when looking to buy any electronics. Good luck!

  8. John my last night on vacation up on a mountain in Bear Lake, Utah, and I get to finish it off with a JB bullet video! life doesn't get any better.

  9. Waow, you're so strong John ! impressive play, very nice…

  10. I can recommend the Steelseries Rival. Originally bought it with the intension for shooters and precise FPS games, but it really proves its worth in online bullet as well. I think you should also go look up DPI settings, and figure if you are playing with the correct settings that suits your style since that might also mess up your game – it's extremely important that mouse movements feels natural in both speed and motion.

  11. Another great tournament and video. Such clear thinking. You should ask for one thing at the end: e.g subscribe. It is very effective in gaining subscribers. Also near the start a phrase like 'thanks for pressing like on this video' is useful as it is only referring to one thing to do at a time. These tips are direct from my YouTube contact.

  12. Jonh at 8:24 knight to e5 was stronger than bishop takes f7 wasnt it?

  13. About time you made another bullet arena video. Thanks and Good job. It would be great to see you play and hear you comment Nf6-lines in the Scandinavian defence. I play this line from time to time because I like the gambit-possibilities it contains. I don't know very well what to play after 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.d4 Nxd5 4.c4 Nb4 5.a3, though. Have you, or anyone else, got any suggestions? thx in advance

  14. best gaming mouse at this momment is the g900 by logitech

  15. Really depends on your grip. I have a claw grip and use the Razer Abyssus (Its the cheapest and gets the job done. Also did pretty well in counter strike tournaments with this one). I'd also recommend getting a good gaming mouse pad that goes well with the mouse. It makes you more consistent over time. You know exactly how much to flick to get to a place.

  16. You should probably disable mouse acceleration in Windows settings (if you haven't done it already, that is). It will help avoid mouseslips.

  17. WB said he got disconnected during his game

  18. I miss the longer time control videos. I also wonder why the drop off in content? I'm selfish and all I care about is my entertainment! Haha!

  19. MOUSE – John, you can get into your settings and adjust the speed of the pointer relative to how far you move your mouse. i.e. 2 millimeters = 1 cm or 10 cm. The smaller the distance you have to physically move your mouse the quicker your moves are….as long as you can be precise. Worth a try and saves the price of a mouse. And another Bullet Vid – YAY!

  20. Logitech MX518 – best mouse ever made… Would probably have to do some digging to find one these days, though.

  21. Sorry I missed this tournament, I'd probably just logged off lichess

  22. I felt like, watching the video, the time was crawling a bit slow for a 1 minute game. So I went back and timestamp-checked: First game starts at 0:07 and ends at 2:22 with you still having 17 seconds left – so 1:43 of game time took 2:15 of real time, a full 33% increase over "correct". Can you talk a bit about how this is different from server to server?

  23. Logitech gaming mouse accompanied by a nice smooth mouse pad will do the trick. You don't necessarily need anything fancy, just something with adjustable dpi and really good, smooth feet 🙂 hope that helps! Nice win in the tourney!

  24. John, I used to play professionally for a TF2 team. I can highly recommend the Razer Deathadder as a gaming mouse + any good mousemat (e.g. the SteelSeries QcK)! Let me know if you have any questions.

  25. I turned 30 this week, 😀 cheers, I guess.

  26. I highly recommend the zowie EC1-A, had mine for a few months and it's an awesome, high-quality, yet basic mouse. very quiet mouseclicks and scrolling too

  27. In order to move your mouse accurately you have to turn off a setting called "enhance pointer precision". This setting accelerates your pointer the more the faster you move your mouse. By deactivating that setting the pointer actually goes where you move the mouse and not beyond that point because you can't handle the speed of it like it happened at that rook slip. It takes a little getting used to but it helped my precision.

  28. Hey John, it seems we were born just days apart: my bday is 2nd sept, 1986!

  29. @John, I use the Corsair M65. Amazing product, I have never wanted another mouse since.

  30. Hi John, nice video. I use a Rapoo 7100p (wireless mouse). It's fast, lightweight, got extra buttons and I never hear complaints from other people when on skype about the sound (I teach chess as well). After about a week or something I even managed to win in a 30 seconds match with all premoves. So long story short. Good mouse 🙂

  31. TheCoPilot here, what a disaster of a tournament on my end. I bring my A game every time Fins plays and then I just fall apart mid tournament. Next time John, next time

  32. Fair play to WB. 58% berserk rate. That is a lot!

  33. Hey john. Very nice videos ! I watched you whole series on your toutnament on UT dallas. When you analize your games in an OTB format I get much more out of it. Can you try and do some more of those???

    Traning OTB is very aprreciated from us amateurs! Thanks!

  34. Whats the "Berserk" word stand for on this server please?

  35. Very nice tactics in the Slav in your third game

  36. @John Bartholomew: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum – one of the best gaming mouse.

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