Bullet Chess #259: [Tournament] lichess Bullet Arena

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106 players, including kochemer, karpovs_putzfrau, and GrabAllThe3_141eces. Final standings:


  1. i miss these icc bullet sessions.. 🙁

  2. omg I saw my name at the end, I'm in one of fins videos

  3. Thanks for the shoutout John, I gave you a monster shoutout right back to my sock puppet audience. They are now subscribers and really love the channel!

  4. That game where you played against the Scandi at 11:15 was phenomenal..You are such an expert.. it's unbelievable how many threats you created

  5. Allways fun to watch 🙂
    Do you know the book about the Scandi by GM David Smerdon? Its really great, some lines are very sharpe.
    And he is on youtube, maybe you have played him?!

  6. I bow to the Scandi Master. All Hail! I agree – 'Can't outscandi the scandimaster' = outstanding humor and classic JB line.

  7. Hey john !…how can i follow you on Lichess…???

  8. Great tourney John! Hope you built a pillow fort and did some hibernating! 🙂

  9. I'm always impressed how you seem to make even bullet instructive. Another great video John 🙂

  10. Can Anyone help me, I am a beginner chess player and I want to know what I should be looking for during games. They way I see john play is that he reviews every piece but can anyone verify or change this answer

  11. Hi John ! I was going to some of history and came across bartolomeu Diaz! A pioneer in sea expeditions in the Renaissance period.. Columbus followed some years later.. Do u have any ancestral roots there 😀

  12. "Don't try G4 at home."
    Challenge accepted

  13. To be honest John I meant to play Be7 instead of Ne7 against you, not really familiar with the fiancetto setup against the KIA. That's probably why I went down like that 😅

  14. great as always its almost better watching the ICC 3 min games thanks John

  15. Can you play the weekly(2hour) or monthly (3hour) tournaments?

  16. I cant think of a single grocery store from the 2 states I've lived in that was open 24 hours lol, 7-11 is open but yea

  17. Am I going deaf or do I have to consistently max out the volume on your videos? And they're only your videos… the mic is soft- and it seems there was a recent change as it wasn't always like this. Am I the only one experiencing this?

  18. Karpovs Putzfrau is German for Karpov's cleaning lady haha

  19. hey john I live a long way from any city and I have 3 24 hour supermarkets and lots more 24 hour stores within a few miles of me, the uk has loads of them !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Obvious cheater. Plays unbelievably strong with few to no inaccuracies (let alone blunders), has no prior games (indicating there's a good chance they came on just to cheat against you, a lot of cheaters do that according to KC), and the kicker is the name. FSN_Saber is a reference to the anime Fate Stay Night, to the character Saber. While looking up this player I found an old account called FSN_Archer, another reference to the same show, with the exact same behavior that had already been banned for cheating.

    100% guarantee: FSN_Saber is a cheating account.

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