Bullet Chess #233: [Tournament] lichess Bullet Arena

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200(!) players, including NM Chess-Network, IMaDirtyCheater, and DeepFeller. Final standings: …


  1. Dropped the "Check-ski" while playing ChessNetwork. Have you been watching his videos??

  2. This is a thriller video with ChessNetwork in the mix. Let's see if Jerry would post his version of the video ;p Thanks John!!

  3. The 2nd game with ChessNetwork was brutal for Jerry. He saved face with the 3rd.

  4. Go John! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to say that it is always astonishing to watch you play bullet. I can't comprehend how fast you manage and come up with your strategies.

  5. Thanks again for yet another great video, John! I just realised, though, that IMaDirtyCheater actually is just called "DirtyCheater", as the IM is his title. If you call him "IMaDirtyCheater", you should address yourself as "I'm Fins" ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. John you should try an hourly superblitz tournament, they're fun

  7. John, you sneaky, sneaky player, I predict i won't get a better position vs you in the foreseeable future then the one on 18:22 ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Afraid of deepfeller…he's probably afraid of you, with the name fins you a shark, the chess shark.

  9. His queen can take your bishop in the first game on F5!

  10. The time has come. The stage is set. The titans have roared. Fins vs the almighty ChessNetwork. Two will enter the chessboard, one will emerge victorious (unless it's a draw). The fans demand a match.

  11. One of the most nail biting tournaments in a long time. The good thing is that you get a real challange. Some of these tournaments has been a walk in the park from the looks of it. Its insane that you loose rating points in this tournament, I feel your struggle if your next goal in 2800. Anyhow; ggs! Extremely, extremely entertaining. I might got more frustrated than you in that last game against Rondep haha!

  12. Many good tourney videos John, but this is certainly one of the top ones. 200 players, half of which very highly rated, and you barely missing the win – it's a blast to watch and root for you. No one can say that chess is boring with videos and commentary like yours.

    Looking forward to the scandi repertoire series. It will indeed make many of us true members of #teamscandi.

  13. John you are my hero for berserking vs rondep. I would love to see you make a smurf account and just berserk everyone and win!!

  14. This video was a blast! Very fun to watch! Eta on Scandinavian repertoire?

  15. John, as always you are awesome! I have been trying to subscribe to your channel for months now, since your match against GM Huschenbeth. Every time I try it says there is a network error and I am not able to subscribe. However, I am able to subscribe to other channels. Still, I search for your videos often and like and comment because you are the best chess instructor on youtube. Thanks again for all the content.

  16. 17 -1 and an opening named after you, Rondep. If there were a Fins Oscars I'd give nominate Rondep for one just to hear his victory speech!

  17. Hey John, ever consider doing a viewer banter blitz? I know you play in the icc pool and in lichess tournaments, but as somebody without an icc membership and with an aversion to bullet, it would be a lot of fun. Just a thought.

  18. You blundered at the end. I'm unsubscribing. Jk.

  19. its fun to watch both John's and Jerry's versions of this.John this was an extremely high rated tournament and you proved your class(so close to first).That loss to jerry in the end would have hurt,considering you got him in the first game.

  20. Hey John, i know you tried to play chess network in the past but please try again. you two are one of the best youtube chess individual. not purely for entertainment sake but for education. perphaps ask him to do dual commentary….and make it a learning session :$?

  21. very interesting seeing this tournament from both your perspective and from Chessnetwork's perspective. Solid play and great commentary

  22. 23. Qxg4 on that last game. Sad when you missed that. ๐Ÿ™ If he replies 23. .. Nxf6 you can even drop 24. Nxe6, and he might resign from the sheer brilliancy…)

  23. I think you're right about jerry, he excels in static closed positions where he maneuvers his pieces to weak squares and looks for timely pawn breaks.

  24. ChessNetwork brought me here ๐Ÿ™‚ well, now I'll looking forward to watching all your videos :-)) thanks for posting!

  25. Sharing your preparation in a bullet video, lol. To be sure, none of your opponents will watch your bullet videos while doing their prep!

  26. No one else can so thoroughly demolish a 2600 rated bullet player (sorry Jerry) while casually chatting to the people. What an amazing player you are John.

  27. He doesn't want to play you because you should NEVER CROSS THE STREAMS.

  28. You are awesome chess player, John. Keep it up!

  29. You are awesome chess player, John. Keep it up!

  30. Hey John, did you play against Nakamura on Chess.com when he played against random players?

  31. My guess is "szeweningen2" spelled her/his name funny because s/he's Polish. They spell sh as "sz" and a v as "w".

  32. why couldn't chess network have taken your bishop at 0:23

  33. Very nice, you really gave jerry a hard time ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. btw IMaDirtyCheater is now marked for cheating lol

  35. was chessnetwork streaming? is his coverage available somewhere?

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