Bullet Chess #208: [Tournament] HyperBullet Arena (30 seconds!)

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In HyperBullet arenas both side starts with 30 seconds. Speed is a priority, and things can get sporty pretty quickly!

100 players, including NM ferrari9182 and FM WhoozitWarriors. Final standings:


  1. How do I improve in ultrabullet @lichess.any tips .btw really instructional content on the channel

  2. At 10:15 you had Bxf6 exf6 Rg8!
    Not that I blame you, 30 seconds isn't that easy lol

  3. God,you look like you sniffed two gallons of caffeine XD

  4. I would like to see 18 seconds per side….these 30 second ones are long and boring

  5. Anyone else waiting for Eric and aman to berserk this tournament?

  6. I've only played bullet once or twice, but entered this tournament on a whim. Things did not go well. I think I won 2 out of 12 games. I agree, this isn't chess, but it almost resembles it.

  7. The third game ended in draw not because of repetition, but there is a draw rule. So for example if one side is down material and other side lose on time, then it will end in draw. In game 3 actually he was down on time but he had more material than you so that's why it ended in draw.

  8. The hardest job ever brain activity wise, and that was scanned during the job is interprener.
    Now I think scientists have better to do. Your brain I guess will go dark red on the screen, John πŸ™‚

  9. I think these can be a lot of fun (in moderation).You can't worry about rating when you enter the tournament, though :).After playing a couple of these, I noticed a significant improvement in my regular bullet time management.

  10. That was very entertaining!
    Please consider to play those tournaments once in a while.

  11. lol…I've noticed that just about everyone knows who "ferrari" is in these Bullet games

  12. Good job John! And you even ended up with +23 rating points :P.

  13. Cool tournament John! The chaos was real tho. I like your new logo btw!

  14. Bullet is essentially not chess, and that is why I play it exclusively at this point to mask my 18xx fide rating shame.

  15. Do more of these! πŸ™‚
    They are great.
    Waiting for you to try berserk. You only have to be twice as quick as your opponent (as you have half their time) for half as long as usual (as this is half the length of normal bullet)

  16. Wow you calculate fast. Nice mate in the end!

  17. Beautiful play John, and the fact that you commentate every move is simply mind-boggling!!Β  Watching you play is so mesmerizing, it's indescribable.Β  Thank you for all the videos you have done — we are truly lucky!!

  18. This is a fun diversion, but there is no way 30 sec, no increment would be fun for me. There just isn't enough time for me to think at all. Three minute blitz is as fast as I'm willing to play.

  19. "The fact that I know he is fast made me play worse moves than normal." Don't let Ferrari push you around like that, where he gets into your head. You've GOT THIS, John. You're a more sound player than him. routing for you πŸ˜€

  20. Are you sure this isn't bad for your chess? B)

  21. "I want to go e4 but he's being mean and not letting me." spoken right after the infamous queen sac (we'll call it a queen sac to be nice and not mean) to deepfluke at 5:45 who then kindly did his own queen sac blunder and lost.

  22. 10-18 Don't resign! Bxf6 exf6, Rg8
    Ok, the time pressure was bad…

  23. I gotta laugh. I didn't even realize that was a hyper bullet tournament until just now. I thought it was just regular bullet, yet somehow I did better in that tournament than any of the bullets I've played. πŸ˜€

  24. Titus guy is such a little bitch in the chat.. Stfu!

  25. Wish I was half as good! Good for once in a while, these 'hyperbullet' games. But I still prefer the longggg bullet πŸ˜‰

  26. What's the tightest time setting you think you could have while still being able to play chess at least semi-coherently? To me even 1+0 is insane.

  27. 4:02 is where the fun started. I laughed a lot on this one. [Ho man, ho boy I hung my queen]. Nice commentary by the way!!

  28. Now I have to change batteries for my pacemaker … Jeeeee !!!! 1 minute is already waaaay too fast for me! ;O)

  29. 10:14 take the knight, and than rook to g8 πŸ™‚ and win instead of resign

  30. This was mentally exhausting just watching. I couldn't imagine playing it!

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