Bullet Chess #131: [Tournament] lichess Bullet Arena

79 players. GM chessbrahs, WhyBeMad, CM kingscrusher…it was a party! Final standings:


  1. can we get a PGN file of your bullet matches please

  2. Unlucky john that's all. You'll kill it in the next tourney i bet

  3. I'd come to expect you to win every tourney! Standard on lichess seems to be rising.

  4. Not sure if you noticed but you broke 2800 after you beat chessbrahs in that first game!

  5. These lichess tourneys keep getting better and better!

  6. More intense than lord of the rings!! Haha awesome tourn

  7. That was a GREAT tournament and first you did not manage to win. Wow! I thought I would never see that happen. Good you get some more rivalry!

  8. I had been waiting when you and Eric play in the same tournament. More competition — more fun!

  9. Was it confirmed that it was Eric Hansen playing and not one of his friends? Hansen seems pretty busy with the tourney he is participating in currently.

  10. Ahahah when u lost the last game I was confused by ur reaction. Ty for the vid man! Highly entertaining

  11. Wow, that was fun watching! Excellent tournament, John. 2 – 2 with Eric. Pretty impressive. Can't wait for the next one!

  12. Oh, no, fins. Skopje, the capital of Macedonia is pronounced "Scope yay."

  13. One of the strongest tournament I ever saw!!! Hope lichess gets even stronger competition. Very nice chess site!

  14. Your best bullet video to date.  

    Thanks, John

  15. Really intense tournament! You just broke 2800 at one point, that was awesome!

  16. great stuff.  always nice to see chessbrahs play.  hopefully u and hiimgonsu (IM Hambleton) (spelling?) will get matched in a tournament.  he's a speedster and a strong player of the French

  17. I was there! A really fun tournament, with plenty of action! 😀 
    ggs Fins

  18. The only thing that was missing from these lichess.org uploads: a super strong field tournament. Great games,very entertaining upload. Thanks!

  19. Neve mind mouse speed issues – just play for mate (more aggresive, less positional)! ps. big fan

  20. Hey John,

    Thanks for uploading this tournament, it was certainly worthwhile to participate. It's a shame I missed Nf6 at around 15:56, but it's very difficult when low on time. Certainly very difficult to keep up with you in 1-minute as you are naturally a very quick player.

    What I would say is I admire how you simply post any content on youtube free of charge regardless of whether you win/lose. I also think your commentary is very instructive even in these 1-minute settings. This is why I actively follow your channel instead of kingscrusher per say, as I could not find his commentary for this tournament (maybe due to an ego issue, I don't know).

    I now play actively in these lichess tournaments compared to chess.com as the site is developing at an impressive rate. It is certainly good competition these days for sure. Hopefully there can be more of these super-tournaments in the future.

    Keep up the good work!


  21. Thank you! You are the reason why I don't watch TV anymore!

  22. howd GM Brahs make like 6 moves without even 0.1 of the clock ticking? every single move ive ever played always ticked a 1/10th !!

  23. that hanson guy is pretty good at mmmbopping around with his knights.. gonna have to strike them down early next time

  24. Slightly unlucky to be paired so many times with Hansen (chessbrah)… so one needs a bit of luck sometimes – its mathematically difficult to achieve absolute parity in Swiss tournaments.

  25. Wow, even though you had the highest win percentage by a good margin (84% vs. 79% for chessbrahs and 70% for WhyBeMad), you could not even place.  WhyBeMad got in a crazy amount of games, though his rating got hammered in the process.  He has the fastest mouse around.  Well played tourney John.

  26. I better won skopje123with only 9 secs left and he beserked

  27. FM Bahadir Ozen is where? He's can win tournament.

  28. 23:25: After 27. Qc2 … Maybe 27. -, Bxg2 is possible? On 28. Qe8+ you just go 28. -, Kg7 and you are three pawns up!
    On 28. f3 you go Bxf3 and you are FOUR pawns up! ;O)

  29. ok……….??????i lost on time..jijijijiji..lmao!

  30. am I missing something at 17:17? white can take the pawn with the knight because the king is pinned by the queen, and there he is also gaining a tempo.

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