Bullet Arena Speed Chess Tournament [251]

This is a speed (bullet) chess tournament (Hourly Bullet Arena) I competed in on lichess.org while livestreaming on . Time controls are 1 minute per player.

I’m a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. 😀



  1. Tournament rating performance 2433 — that was a costly mouse slip. Anyway, very well played!

  2. Oh man! You should make a video on "How to play KID"

  3. 22:25 I would have pushed the pawn and killed my rook for stalemate.

  4. Jerry, I speak for everyone here. Welcome back!

  5. hello jerry, do you play these tourneys casually? I'd like to get in one with u

  6. Too much thinking, Jerry! Everyone knows chess isn't about thinking!

  7. Nicely done! You are my favorite chess player on youtube because you are very good at vocalizing your thoughts and helping us keep track of what you're thinking. I learn a lot from watching you. Always excited to see new videos from you!

  8. You should go for IM, Jerry. Great video!

  9. Congratulations on the 1st place!
    I know you was better rated but it doesn't mean there you can easily beat them all.
    Nice job, keep playing, maybe we will play together sometimes. 🙂

  10. petition to call a mouse-slip a cheese gambit

  11. I started the video before I put my headphones on, so I naturally had to rewind so I could hear the sound in the beginning

  12. Also, i really miss your king of the hill tournaments! They were so fun

  13. Ashley Anderson has 1 video "The physics of swimming" from 2016. It is quite good. Why do I mention this? She ends her video with the same tune that you use to end your videos. Good luck to all of us trying to improve our swimming and chess. Your content helps a bunch. Thanks.

  14. So glad you're uploading these tournaments again, Jerry.

  15. Can someone correct me if I’m wrong. Is this a drawn position/ fortress for black?
    White king on G7,
    black king is on the first rank,
    black pawn is one step from advancing on H7,
    white rook on H2,
    and the black bishop on the diagonal protecting the pawn on H7.

  16. How do i make my outlay the same as yous? Mine is like this white site thingy but this black thingy of yours i'd like to have

  17. Please keep releasing new content, love your videos!

  18. Jerry you have such a calm friendly tone while being very analytical and it makes for great content to watch for people to learn how to think about the board. All while kicking booty too!

  19. Your channel is my favorite chess channel. Glad you're posting some new stuff!

  20. Thank you! So happy to see another video so soon!

  21. Without jerry my chess life would be boring, thnx jerry for making chess intersting

  22. Hi jerry. How i can see your face in the social meda?!

  23. The game started at 7:22 is some AlphaZero stuff 🙂 Great games!

  24. It’s like…throwaway chess, or something.

  25. Really good to see you don't dwell when losing a game. 'What can you do…', don't talk about it, don't think about it. Dust yourself off and keep on going.

  26. I feel weird writing this comment since you're often like top 30 in bullet on Lichess, but I noticed in the last two videos you'll drag the piece off the board to deselect it, but did you know you can right click and it'll be deselected too? Saves precious milliseconds 🙂

  27. At 7:46 you come up with this beautiful knight maneouver in the middle game, even before castling.  I would have castled automatically making that plan slower and most likely not nearly as strong.  How do you learn such maneouvers?  Are there books that show these types of plans for various structures?  It looks like when you noticed the hole on f5 you immediately began looking for ways to get a piece there, and the knight maneouver came to mind.  Brilliant!

  28. The only thing that could beat you was your mouse.

  29. @ 9:54 instead of castling you could have played Bxf7!!! if black king doesnt take, then you exchange the bishop for the black rook, if black takes the bishop, you could play Ng5+!!! wherever the black king moves, white would play Ne6!!! and the black queen is TRAPPED!

    Notation: 8…Bxf7! Kxf7? 9. Ng5+! Kg8 10. Ne6!

  30. dont take this the wrong way but i love your videos because you help me fall asleep. im awful at chess but i find it very interesting and the way you talk about what you're doing is very calming.

  31. Thank you so much Jerry! I love your bullet tournaments!!!

  32. Wow that missclick.. i felt so bad for you but you didnt give up !

  33. knight on f8 no mate knight on f1 no fun

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