Bullet 101 | Clutch PREMOVES in Bullet Chess with these 5 Tips!

Ever wonder how to handle time-pressure and intense time-odds? This video introduces the concept of premoves and provides insight on how to use them to improve your bullet chess.
👇 Comment below if you will now start to regularly chain premoves. Which premove tip video do you want to see first?

🎓NM BulletMercenary designed Bullet 101 to focused on beginner chess players who want to make the leap to bullet chess or intermediate/advanced chess players looking for reinforcing advice and techniques. These tips and tricks learned can be used to drastically improve your Bullet Chess and time scrambles in all situations!

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⬅️: If you missed the last video on four tips to jump start your bullet chess:

0:00 Intro
0:24 What is a premove
1:09 Chaining premoves
2:10 Premove time usage
2:45 When should YOU premove?

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  1. Premoves are the way of the champion! Great content brother!

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