Brutal Bullet Chess Champs Round 1 🤯

Hikaru played round one of the BCC vs someone we won’t mention out of Privacy for the Deceased. It was so brutal we’re worried about Terms of Service.


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  1. Hey Hikaru please show whomever your opponent is the full might of your power this year

  2. Oh my god 22.5 – 1.5 😢😢😢😢

  3. Hikaru won 20 in a row with no draw after he lost one game. The rare double adoption!! 😅😂

  4. man it's so good to see Hikaru in form playing bullet

  5. 3000 rated blundering a queen fork. Hikaru effect in action 😂

  6. The video description is both brutal and hilarious. 😂

  7. when you realise hes playing against a 17 year old

  8. I saw 1.5 to 2.5 and thought maybe he did bad then skipped to the end and he won 20 games in a row LOL

  9. My Name is Hikaru Nakamura, and I'm The Fastest Chess Streamer Alive

  10. First 7 mins: “I’m ice cold”
    Next 23 mins: proceeds to adopt this man twice

  11. lol at 26:10 he was trying to see if Hikaru would miss the bishop, sneaky move

  12. Hikaru and Magnus play differently. It almost seems like time is frozen when Hikaru plays and he rarely needs to think. Magnus plays some moves really fast but also stops to think even in a bullet game. Fascinating.

  13. Hikaru sent that man to the shadowrealm.

  14. Hikaru is insane! I thought that Magnus' 16.5 to 1.5 against Eric was brutal, but Hikaru with 22.5 to 1.5, proving he's an absolute bullet beast! Someone get this man a trackpad!! He needs to be severely nerfed!

  15. Rating over 3000 and get double adoption. Thats just insanity!

  16. With Magnus already having said that his current system is fast enough for bullet, i think Hikaru's biggest match can be against alireza

  17. Hikaru is not on and he is winning 19-1 what about when he is on

  18. This is Nakas year🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🇺🇲

  19. Hikaru is so good at chess that he doesn't even realize how good he plays, he just sees how bad everyone else plays XD

  20. Day 3 I think of commenting on Hikaru Nakamura's video to make a video on The best opening or to make a video about Caro-kann

  21. Hikaru send that guy to the shadow realm 😂

  22. Did hikaru just using dangdut as a backsound music

  23. very close game, heartbreaking last minute loss for emin

  24. win was +2 and draw -6 vs 3k rated player :v

  25. Hikaru makes his opponent look so incredibly bad even though they're very very talanted, that says it all really

  26. way too slow – 1 sec later- oh no I just blundered

  27. Bro adopted him and helped him find his biological parents

  28. Can someone explain to me what was that "NONONONONOO" thing at 26:10 ? I know opponent gave up his Bishop there. But was there some sort of trick or something? Or does that means anything in the chess community (like he wants to surrender or something)? I'm kind of confused.

  29. Love your domination, keep that humility up bro and your subscribers will soar even more! :):) Wish i could be ice cold!

  30. Naka mops the floor with a guy in the 3000's.

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