Botez Gambit BULLET Speedrun BEGINS!!

Hikaru Nakamura, SuperGM, attempts to reach 3000 rating playing bullet and sacrificing his queen in a trick known as a Botez Gambit. He starts at 500. This is Part 2


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  1. YES! I've been waiting on this video since the last episode of the blitz series

  2. Congrats on 2 million bro well deserved ❤

  3. I really want to see a 10 game match of hikaru vs alex and where hikaru has to sac the queen every game

  4. upload faster u greatest of all time

  5. By far the best music on your intros. Congrats!

  6. seeing one of the best chess players in the world talk down to 600 rated players is actually hilarious

  7. I mean what did you expect from 600 I bet you won't be good at that rating

  8. This is internet bully. This dude lost my respect.

  9. I had no idea this was happening and got so psyched when I saw the thumbnail/title

  10. A blindfolded speedrun would be nice too. Thanks for the content Hikaru ❤️

  11. Next speedrun I assume would be Botez Bullet Disrespect.

  12. I had a terrible dream last night of reading the news that GM Hikaru Nakamura passed away😢😢 wherever you are, I hope you're safe my brother. Long live Mr Hikaru🙏

  13. i am 900 in rapid, been playing for 2 months but very bad at bullet. time pressure is huge in here

  14. Hikaru I have never laughed this hard in my life. Your facial expressions are the funniest of all time. Please, I beg of you make more of these. You are so funny!

  15. your face every time they blunder cracks me up FAM.

  16. “Why don’t people blunder like this against me” because you don’t play 30 excellent moves in 8 seconds 💀

  17. Could be beat a 1300 player in rapid with the botez gambit?

  18. Intros are unrelatably weird but deserve oscar-worthy of an editor award just for some chess streamer

  19. I want to hire ur guy to make that kind of intro

  20. Imagine getting to play one of the top 5 chess players on the planet and playing like that. 😂

  21. goal 3000 is impossible. 2500 is hard even for hikaru I think

  22. That’s so mean… I am about 900 elo at bullet. Never checkmated anybody. And he is just making fun of us

  23. Buho de Oro - Escuela de Artes Emocionales says:

    quality content. Amazing intro by the way

  24. Bro is bullying low elo players and fell really good about himself lol

  25. I think we should say that we appreciate the Botez sisters and this is all in good fun 🙂

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