Bortnyk Challenged Hikaru In Bullet… (BAD IDEA)

GM Oleksandr Bortnyk against GM Hikaru Nakamura!


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About me:
Oleksandr Bortnyk is a Ukrainian grandmaster who earned that title in 2015 at the age of 19. He was the 2014 World Youth Champion in the under-18 group. Bortnyk is an incredibly talented speed chess player and reached the 2019 Bullet Chess Championship finals against GM Hikaru Nakamura. His bullet rating reached 3000 in September 2020 and peaked at 3340 in December of that year.

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  1. how long ago was this i swear i remember seeing this

  2. Meanwhile, on Hikaru's end:

    "Dr.Destiny, thanks so much for the prime, three months, thanks so much draws seven arrows now I've got the bastion and he can't beat this pony, if he takes I take, and Princess Fianchetto with seven gifted subs, thanks so much, seven gifted subs, okay g.g., on to the next game, let's play H4 for the memes, I had this exact game against a Russian GM nine years ago in Finland, I played f3 then which I thought was winning and I saved it in the endgame, but f4 was better, now I've got the wooden shield, did I blunder just then, no, he didn't see it, there was a seven move combo there with dese knights, but he missed it and now I'll just premove these next six moves, it's a forced line, okay resigns, g.g., onto the next one, thanks for the sub Wacky Tabacky, thanks so much, takes here and takes, and that's a free juicer, draws nine arrows so if he goes here, the pony jumps in here, family fork, then the bishop can slide in here, okay, he saw it, but now I've got this and this, create a passed pawn on the B file and push p, get the rook behind thanks to WallyIsWhere for the six month prime, thanks so much, did I just blunder that, no, he missed it again, I am just so bad at chess, so trade queens, takes and takes, this pawn will be enough to win, okay resigns g.g., let's go onto the next one…"

  3. Bortnyk always with his jabova set up and hikaru with his modern opennings funny

  4. "Skadoosh" me and Bortnyk when we win 1 game after losing 12 in a row

  5. imagine a 3200 being scared of you, Hikaru really is the final boss in chess

  6. Good stuff! I usually watch from Hikaru POV and it feels so smooth. From this end it feels so so difficult!!

  7. That's why I don't like bullet it's so stressful

  8. Meanwhile hikaru eating a pizza, watching random videos and interaction with chat!

  9. Sorry but It make me laugh when i see bortnyk angry 😂😂😂

  10. Это что такое?😶 Не похоже на Саньку фартового халявщика!😀

  11. Hahaha, you're not bad, the other one is just too good, from other planets😂😂😂

  12. Bortnyk wins one game out of 14
    Hakuru: “I’m not play well chat.”

  13. Imagine being rated 3200 and going 3/20 against another dude.. Hikaru is OUT OF THIS WORLD

  14. Hikaru is on a whole nother level right now….

  15. You're very good – top 100… He's better – top 005 !!!

  16. I know Hikaru is strong, But i think another reason is you're not in a good shape as usual or maybe a bit tired too😅, Dont think too much about it! Thank you for still posting the video!💖

  17. с таким числом рекламы смотреть противно

  18. "Of course, everything is working even when he blunders" Literally exactly what Hikaru said when he blundered that pawn lol.

  19. Olexandr, thank you for uploading the video and for your sincere reactions. I am 1500 bullet player and I can't comprehend how you and Naka play so fast and so good. And my age does not give me hope that I will improve. Yet, I dont care, I love it!

  20. Entertaining to watch, you had a couple games on big Hiki at least.

  21. You can tell how annoying Hikaru is to play in bullet. He's not going into any lines where Bortnyk has prep

  22. I wish your username was like, "Dorktoro_Bortnyk."

    Also, as far as advice on the games, the problem isn't the existence of the universe. Say for instance, things, or whatever. A really good strategy, especially passively, and defensively, is to do those things that affect the OUTCOME of the match, like altering the board state toward a position that allows you to not lose as opposed to not win. This can be achieved by winning instead of losing.

  23. Hikaru is right now hotter than ever. Last few months he's been possibly top1 player in the world (Magnus a bit rusty while Hikaru top form atm)

  24. Even though you lost 17-3, it's still good content… and you're still better than 99.99% of bullet players. Glad you're in the YouTube game now. Thumbs up.

  25. Why didn't you go in dubai to show them
    You could have your own team

  26. Sure loves that reverse London with black.. He didn't see he blunder pawn but traps my queen!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Haha lmao, watching both of the POV's makes this legendary🤣🤣🤣

  28. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 3 month before video 😅😅😅😅😅😢😢😢😢😊

  29. I think this is the most i have ever related to a video. Having a dream to be a grandmaster someday, seeing aoneone with that title struggle reminds me that theres is always a better move, and we can all win or lose based on our ability to find it

  30. crazy to me that hikaru gets crushed by mangus in bullet even after being this good in bullet

  31. After careful consideration my prediction is conclusive. If I were to play a chess match against either one of these guys………
    I would lose the game.

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