BIGGEST Bullet Chess Match | Alireza Firouzja vs. Hikaru Nakamura

Alireza faces GMHikaru in the Semi-Finals of the Bullet Chess Championship 2021! The match consists of a 30-minutes countdown clock and if it is tied there would be a Sudden Death! Unlock the comedic genius of Skibidi Toilet. From meme origins to the latest monster wrestlers. Become a Skibidi Toilet aficionado and stay connected with the latest developments in the hilariously unpredictable world of toilet monsters and cameramen!

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  1. Remember chat, Hikaru doesn’t care and he’s not SALTY.

  2. "Let's go guys, let's go!"
    -> I see what you did there.
    The Razor from Babol makes a statement on the Hikaru-Chessbrah drama.

  3. علیرضا جان،شما چه ببازی چه ببری،ما دوست داریم.

  4. It seems the bullet prince has become the bullet king! Congratulations for this breathtaking victory! It`s so fantastic to see your inhuman speed and your iron nerves at this age.

  5. I once heard an interview where Alireza said the first chess channel he ever watched was the chessbrahs. Nice way to support them

  6. Alireza and Naka seem very compatible friends.

  7. Wonderful chess and continue watch games

  8. My favourite video! Prince of Persia winning the Samourai Nakamura!

  9. Dam dude.. So young most talented prodigy since magnus

  10. why didn't upload the semi finals to their channel? just quarters and the final? salty hikaru again lol

  11. I hope Alireza doesn't get addicted to bullet chess where he loses sight of classical chess.
    Congrats 🎉

  12. زنده باد ، هزاران آفرین بر تو جوان با ارزش و با اخلاق !

  13. no Muslim, hindu, buddhist, or spirituality/new age leaders ever claimed to be perfect and no one ever has been perfect, only Jesus. Jesus is also the only one to claim to be God and then rise from the dead (as predicted). Jesus is different. He is the only way because He is the only one who took the punishment our sins deserve and then rose to life again, beating death, just as he claimed. Everyone else tries to earn their way to God by their own might and goodness  and that is just an attempt to bribe the judge. What are you doing with His claims? Trust His work on the cross for your salvation. <<

  14. Didn't alireza channel also striked chess brahs channel? D riding is what chess fans are good at 😂

  15. I don't care that Naka is a narcissistic bad looser

  16. Wow. Alireza's ability to throw some insane counterpunches to combinations in the blink of an eye really amazes me. He frequently sees some in-betweener or sequel that either spoils the opponent's tacticts or lowers their full effect by leading to as active a position as possible. Incredible eye.

  17. بهت افتخار می‌کنم علیرضا جان

  18. I enjoyed watching especially bully hikaru get crushed like bug😜😝😂
    BRAVO BRAVO alireza 👋

  19. Hikaru not moving and letting the time pass when he was in advantage shows zero character , no morality

  20. استاد جواب کامنت ها را بدین لطفا


  22. Alireza is always one step ahead. Go boy! You deserve it!

  23. At :55 why doesn’t Hikaru play h7 check? It seems like whether black goes kf7 or kf8 he’s in a lot of trouble

  24. The speed they playing is insane, Naka still shows who is the king on handle the time.
    Alireza is insane in blitz and bullet. He still have to work to do on rapid and clasic time but he will become better there to 👍
    Very very entertaining to see this 2 on bullet 👍👍👍

  25. great games, next time ali word of advice: don't talk so much.

  26. نفر یک آینده 🤞. good luck brother

  27. داش ویدیو فارسی هم بذاری ویوورات خیلی بیشتر میشن

  28. قهرمان آینده شطرنج جهان علیرضا شطرنج باز نابغه ایرانی خواهد بود. به آرزوی آن روز. در سال ۱۹۷۹ میلادی من در تیم شطرنج دبیرستانم در اوکلاهوما سیتی بودم که در این ایالت مدرسه ما اول شد. به تماشای بازیهای شما از اوکلاهوما، آمریکا. موفق باشید.

  29. 25:40 that tactic if knight takes rook. Firo sets a trap in seconds

  30. آفرین علیرضا خیلی عالی بود
    موفق باش

  31. Ey man, I just wanted to say as an Iranian it makes me extremely proud to watch you crush all these super GMs one after another and I believe a chess dominance similar to Magnus's is soon to come.

  32. Man alireza was much faster with those pre moving. hikarus time doesnt run even the moments he doesnt premove.

  33. But Hikaru was kind.. he could have defeated Ali on time in last match to equalise but he didnt flag him

  34. بهت افتخار میکنم پسر،عالی هستی تو 😍❤

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