Berserk #064 – Bullet chess tournament – 8th July 2015 : Bullet and Blitz Chess fun!

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  1. 51:10 "This is looking terrible"… Painfully long think while Rxh4 is available…

  2. That tactic by your opponent at 11:50 was cool, and your reaction hilarious

  3. Do you think bullet is hindering one's chess. Pattern recognition is important and I assume bullet expresses that principle.

  4. Classic line, "oh no, I've been bunnied" lol

  5. I think what heptagon was trying to do towards the end was avoid playing a long game against you and then losing then the guy in third pace might have caught up with him. So he wanted to lose in a legal way, that's why he waited for a few moves so the website won't detect he's giving up points for free or something and then he resigned to try and get a quick win against another player before the other guy could get a win in, to secure second place.

  6. Can you explain light and dark square theory for me?

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