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  1. Lol at the ending with the water splash but WOW my goodness that doorpost guy is REALLY good at premoves

  2. No planning, no respect for your audience

  3. Not only do you not suck, but thank you for posting this. You are an incredible chess player – without question. Even your failures are inspirational. I have nothing but respect for your insatiable desire to succeed. Losing fucking sucks. I love that you absolutely hate losing. Life is not perfect and we all have bad days. Keep being you and I will keep enjoying your videos. I am slowly but surely making my way in the chess world, largely due to influential and innovative players like yourself. Cheers bro.

  4. I was playing under Doorpost's account tonight. sorry brah!

  5. It is kinda nice to see someone portraying chess honestly, swearing and getting visibly frustrated when he goes on a losing streak.

    It's more humanizing than most other channels that only show the wins and where they laugh off the losses for the camera.

    Makes me feel like I'm not alone…

  6. 18:27 When someone asks why I went for girls that I went for…

  7. I can watch you know you using headphones…

  8. thank god he didn't have to take a crap first before the games..that wouldve been another 5 minute wait….

  9. and did u get beat up before these games or something?

  10. "If you can't win up a full piece, you don't deserve to win this game."

  11. that "I suck at chess" sort of auto punishment at the end was hilarious. Why do we humans enjoy seing others go berserk sometimes?

  12. 3 min waiting for him to get the water 😀

  13. 30:00 "I wouldn't resign against me". That's what I tell all my oponents 🙂

  14. Gotta get my water first? Gotta smash👎

  15. This helps us in our own anger management issues.

  16. First time seeing this. What is this platform? That "check" voice is so sexy, wish I could get this

  17. 7:36 "if you cant win up a full piece, you dont deserve to win this game."
    -Eric Hansen

  18. Wow crazy seeing Eric so young started watching him in 2020, nice to see he's always been a beauty

  19. did you just fight with someone before? 😂

  20. 9 years later bros still got his characteristics

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