Alireza Performs a Dirty Trick on Magnus

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Photos by Lennart Ootes

Carlsen, Magnus (3246) – Firouzja, Alireza (3350)
Bullet Chess Championship 2023 ( [03-03] 2023.07.19
C77 Ruy Lopez, Anderssen variation

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.d3 d6 6.c3 Be7 7.O-O O-O 8.Re1 Re8 9.Nbd2 h6 10.Nf1 b5 11.Bc2 Bf8 12.Ng3 d5 13.a4 b4 14.a5 Be6 15.Ba4 Bd7 16.exd5 Nxd5 17.Bd2 bxc3 18.bxc3 Bd6 19.h3 Nf6 20.Ne4 Nxe4 21.Rxe4 Nb8 22.Bb3 Bf5 23.Re3 Nd7 24.Bc4 Nf6 25.Qe2 e4 26.Nd4 Bg6 27.Re1 exd3 28.Bxd3 Rxe3 29.Bxe3 Bxd3 30.Qxd3 c5 31.Bxh6 gxh6

00:00 Hello Everyone!

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  1. Crazy how fast these guys play.. whenever I think for 20 seconds I realized 2 mintues have passed..

  2. Amargator. After the game transform into morphi defense. I did not like Firouzja Pawn toH6 move. I believe it is to passive. It slows your development and allows for Magnus to be invited to play knight to g5. Opening up the h file so that the pawn completely makes the king feel naked and opened for possibly to put a rook on the h file and attack

  3. bring back old background! please
    it was classy, perfect for content & host

  4. Kinda disappointed to discover that Magnus is anti-gambling for some reason, Personally, I'm pro adults being left alone to do what they want.

  5. The fact Alireza can be tricky does not mean he is strong as magnus is at chess and probably both he and pragga will never be..that’s it

  6. For the chess world i got some news: livin players can be at their best SECOND to magnus..bye bye losers pretending to be winners

  7. And i am NOT a fan of magnus..but i am honest enough to admit he is the best ever

  8. "Pragg"… "flank-a-tank"…?
    Hearing some strange things from Antonio there days.
    Must be the bullet format…

  9. But its wasnt pragg who went on h6 was alireza 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Such accuracy in this timeframe is phenomenal.

  11. you don't cover Ali Reza's games lately and he's one of the most favorite chess player in the world, #that's bad

  12. Magnus: I was having a problem with my hand, my mouse, and my internet connection.
    Interviewer: But you're not making excuses are you?
    Magnus: Absolutely not.
    Me: Riiiiiiiiiight.

  13. You guys bullied him into changing his interface. Unbelievable how many losers are part of the chess community.

  14. @2:10 "But Pragg, he goes for pawn to h6"… Why is Pragg making moves for Alireza…?

  15. I cant see you the same now that i know you like Tate and Peterson 🙁

  16. Always amazes me that these players can process moves this fast. Kudos to them won or lose. But congrats to Alireza for the victory.

  17. Gukesh becomes the youngest to ever cross 2750

  18. They played a Ruy Lopez in a one minute game. I can't get over that.

  19. Could you please make a video on how Gukesh D managed to become the youngest person to cross 2750 classical rating?
    He's world no.11 now.

  20. @5:27 … why can't you just recapture with the Queen?? Not seeing what would be wrong with that. White wouldn't have a definite advantage, but it just keeps things the same. Just an equal trade.

  21. #Suggestions:Gukesh becomes the youngest ever in the history of chess to cross 2750 Elo(Heading copied from Chessbase India). Please show this game form Turkish league. Thanks

  22. Let's vote here for guys who want the old layout back, maybe he could see us 🙂

  23. Bullet is bad for your nervous system. Don't play it guys.

  24. Aga, too much color. It is distracting. Hard to focus on the board.

  25. The new font is WAY too hard to read

  26. #Suggestion : Gukesh's 9th Round in Turkish League. Gukesh Becomes The Youngest Ever In The History Of Chess To Cross 2750 Elo

  27. "Flank attank" is my new favourtie chess term.

  28. Hi just a little post…Do you the the Book Mishenka by Daniel Tammet ? I suppose yes but if you don't go for it it's a novel atound a world chess championship in Russia inspired by real facts… Botvinnik Tal…Fascinating!
    And by the way thanks a lot for all!
    Serge jazz pianist from Paris…🎹🎹🎹

  29. Please show us some games of Daniel Naroditsky!

  30. Pawn to F4 instead of bishop to g6? Blocks black bishop check, pawn is covered by the bishop, only the knight is lost.

  31. It must suck to keep on losing to Alireza.

  32. @agadmator- looks like you are totally overwhelmed with pragg fever.. @2:14 you said pragg instead of Alireza 😅😅

  33. Once again, I have to take issue with this "completely new game". Not only does the position after 11. Bc2 have a large number of games in the database, Magnus himself has had the position after 12…d5 with BOTH colours. First of all as white in 2008 against Alexander Onischuk, where he chose 13. d4 rather than this game's 13.a4, and then more recently as black versus Hikaru in 2020 and Jan-Duda in 2021. Krzysztof chose 13. ed, so of the 3 games only Nakamura also picked 13. a4, with Magnus responding 13…Rb8. All 3 games were drawn. As far as I can tell, the first novelty in higher level chess is 14. a5, with the stem game (Svane-Stern 2019) continuing 14. h3 and concluding in yet another draw.

  34. Alireza is a chosen one in blitz. He is stupidly strong. However, Nikaro is also a monster

  35. I like this new format. Helps you concentrate on the board and it looks pretty amazingly clean.

  36. And what about knight to c6 for magnus? Isnt that ok

  37. Why do you spoil the game at the beginning?

  38. Alireza won because pragg came and made a move for him

  39. 3:36 Magnus can very well go further back and perhaps E1 is a superior move since D3 pawn is poisoned 😉

  40. Okay I like the edit to the background, but pleaseeeee change the color of the board back

  41. Clever-reza!
    Clever-reza Firouzja.
    Clever Reza the roof

  42. I don't know about his hand, but Magnus has a bruised ego now.

  43. Agad says “But Pragg..” instead of “But Aliereza..” around 2:12 😀

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