7 Best Chess Opening Traps for BLITZ and BULLET

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the 7 best chess opening traps for blitz and bullet chess games. It’s no doubt that the pandemic in 2020 has led to thousands (perhaps even millions) of more players playing online chess. And a majority of these players play blitz and bullet chess games.

Additionally, when we looked at the games played in the top online chess platforms, we noticed that thousands of players play these moves and are likely to fall into these traps (including the top rated players).

After watching the video lesson, please share your thoughts about these traps in the comments below. Let us know if you have already used them in your online games. 😊

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  1. I love the seven move check mate at the end… It's sweet

  2. I like ALL of these except the a6 opening only bc that’s more unlikely to happen. But the other traps are really great and where I’m not disadvantaged if my opponent doesn’t fall for the trap. 👍🏼

  3. The first trap doesn't work on my opponents. After capturing the pawn they move the bishop by two squares (not by one as shown, at that moment the trap becomes pretty obvious) back and escape it.

  4. pls.make a video against scandinavian icelandic !

    e4 d5
    exd5 Nf6 and what is the best
    cont.for white against the set of black
    Bf5 nc6 e6 Be7 o-o formation

  5. Hi,i think in 5th trap,f6 shoud compensation your trap!

  6. 7:49 don't forget the knight also can move and it can create a situation of tik for tak

  7. can you do the english openning reportoire?

  8. Thank you very much..Each and every trap you taught is invaluable gem for a Chess player to learn and win game…….👍

  9. Very informative video. Some poor chap played black and attempted to trap me on the second video trap. It was very obvious when they attempted to blatantly blunder their black knight that it was a trap. Lucky, I had seen this video and I went on to win the game.

  10. I like Everything wat you doing!!! Dank you.

  11. White hardly every plays d4 anymore at least in my games

  12. I used this same trap but the opponent didn't play that pawn

  13. I kid you not, I won 35 chess games in a row! All thanks to these traps you taught us. Thank you so much for this!!!

  14. On 8 min into vid can’t black check with the knight and take the queen with bishop

  15. I wanna see some traps for king’s Indian defence

  16. Even opponent has not queen and rook if we have both many of us lost by time it's common in rating 1300to1400

  17. 7:53 queen CANNOT escape – black knight D3 = check King 🤴 and Discovery check QUEEN 👑 !!!

  18. great traps… providing your opponent moves in a very specific way. otherwise totally useless

  19. Gonna be honest, I thought the painful blow at 9:58 were Bishop to C5. It would easily be followed up with a checkmate if your opponent doesn’t notice what you are doing in time, as the Bishop checks the king in a spot where the only way the King can kill it is being guarded by Black’s Knight.

    However, this crisis can be averted with as little as White moving a Pawn to E3 in response. It prevents the Bishop from seeing the King and frees open a path for him eyed by neither the Bishop nor the Knight should the play be made anyways.

    Eyeing it for a few more seconds also causes me to notice how they can immediately Queen Trade, turning it into a result with both sides losing a Queen and a path being forged to escape the Checkmate.

  20. I want pirc defense traps and full lines plz upload on pirc defense from black s point of view

  21. Why not bishop takes c5 for the final black check then u dont lose ur bishop and still take the queen

  22. make a video with every possible move and show us how to win

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