I challenged GM Alexey Sarana (Mishanick on chess.com) in Singapore back in June 😄 he is INSANELY high rated and won European Championships earlier this year. We are playing 1 min (bullet) chess!

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00:00 Intro
00:11 Game 1
02:13 Game 2
06:03 Game 3
07:48 Outro

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  1. since i saw sarana in the last world blitz and rapid, i loved his play, definitely one of the best young guys in europe

  2. Your reactions when you are playing 😂 ❤

  3. This is a good match. Seems like it's about time you compete against each other.

  4. Is he serious about not having seen the queen hanging? What's his rating again???

  5. Those continuous attacks sometimes, you be like this has to stop…

  6. Nemo: "I'm gonna not ask you questions and just focus on the Chess…"
    Nemo (Less than 20 seconds later): "Are you an aggressive player?"

  7. Nemo have you ever beaten him before so far ?

  8. You guys are fast how do you play like that

  9. "It bodes well for me that speed impresses you." — Mr. Chandler Bing

  10. She has alot of guts , more than he has, he looks like he's always scared to death

  11. One of these days, I will play good moves fast like Nemo and Sarana. 🙏

  12. u kanadi proglaseno vanredno stanje a ti spavas do podne kao bik

  13. Nemo are you going to be the the cutest thing for ever?

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