Are you struggling with bullet chess, but you really want to improve on it? This video covers 6 fundamental tips that will help you to improve your bullet chess!

This video is inspired by the Botez Bullet Invitational ❤️

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Clip from Ludwig taken here:






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  1. This is very high quality, surprised it has so few views

  2. Tip 7: do not read chat during the game 😉

  3. flagging is an art.
    also you can make your opponent laught so hard that they lose.
    i was loosing playing a friend with low time.
    Just rammed my unprotected rock into his row of pawns.
    he laught very hard about my weak flag. And loses one time.

  4. why play rapid and blunder my queen in 5 minutes when i can play bullet and blunder my queen in 20 seconds? That's just being time efficient.

  5. The only real way of watching this video is on 2x speed

  6. How to get better at bullet

    Anna: Be dirty
    Me after skipping showering: checked

  7. It was an exciting chessvideo. Yet I think time estimate is at advanced level.😎

  8. Would you like apply for a onlinelesson piano? It's free because you're abroad.😉

  9. great tips, and ur a yay in my book. i stopped doing chess puzzles and my rating went up 100

  10. Best video on tips for bullet chess so far! Thanks!

  11. I can add: If your not completely lost: Dont lose all pieces: only have pawn left, and run with your king like crazy and win on time. thats the most dirty thing you can do. if you have no pieces, and win on time you will have no win but a draw.

  12. Very instructive, thank you 🙂 I'm like 1900+ rapid, and now trying to improve bullet play 🙂

  13. Hello legends! I am currently 1968 bullet peak: 1977 I am trying to reach 2k and pushing! If u want some tips or tricks or want my lichess account just reply down there!

  14. Where is the remove button? Yes bullet can be difficult

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